So this will be something I'll be working on. (I, as in Rosetail of CYS) The title is still slightly under construction.

I might make a prequel of this someday.

Blurb, or something:

"But every rose has its thorn, and this thorn will tear your heart in to pieces!"

Many moons ago, Maplestar brought a kittypet in to ThunderClan. This kittypet later turned out to be a great hunter, and an amazing addition to ThunderClan, a warrior by the name of Snowflight, later becoming Maplestar's mate. Russetleg had always loved Maplestar, and was furious that he chose a kittypet over her. Blinded by rage, she tried to kill Snowflight, but was stopped by Maplestar. He had no choice but to exile Russetleg, but the she-cat refused to leave. In seek of vengenance, she satyed in ThunderClan territory, trying to spill as much blood as possible. She was eventually killed, and Maplestar thought that that would be the last he'll hear from Russetleg.

He was overjoyed to hear Snowflight expecting his kits, but Russetleg appeared to him in a dream. The she-cat had found powers within the Dark Forest, and laid a curse upon Maplestar's first born kit.

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