Firestar: This is so bad! Jayfeather could always see, AND the others left us! AND we have to pay so much money!!!!!Edit

Graystripe: How much money is it?

Firestar: It is $5000 for the whole month!

Graystripe: That is a pretty good price for all that time....can we pay for that?

Firestar: Pay for that? There is a good chance we could. *Looks for money* Do you have another $1000 I only have $4000 and we coud use a bit more.

Graystripe: That is a lot of money. *Looks for money* Here, this is all I have.

  • Hands a 5 $100 to Firestar*

Firestar: That is still not all the money we need. Anybody else have money?

Ivypool: Money? I have some! *Hands over 5 $100 to Firestar*

Firestar: This is all the money we need! Yes! Yes! I have done it! We can stay here!

Person: Only if you don't yell. I don't allow loud cats in my hotel. Wait, I don't allow any cats n my hotel!

Firestar: Come on! Not now! We are paying so much money!

Person: If you must stay, then I won't make you leave. We have no pool, and no food, in this hotel at all. You are room 500 on floor 7 enjoy. And please please if you ned help, do not call any of us.

Firestar: What does 'call' mean? Like on a phone? We won't do that! We can handle this without help! Can't we?

Other Cats: That is, we kind of

Swiftpaw: *Comes in from who knows where* Which one are we meant to answer?

Firestar: Answer yes

Everyone but Ivypool: Answer yes!

Ivypool: Have any of you ever read this? It is great!

Firestar: How do we get to our rooms?

Person: There is this thing called the life that might work.

Firestar: And where would we find that?

Person: Try right over there, where we have the lifts

Firestar: Makes sense.

Lionblaze: How do we use that?

Jayfeather: Maybe press that?

Dovewing: Which one?

Graystripe: Try the one that points down

Hollyleaf: But aren't we going up?

Graaustripe: The roomkey says floor 13 but this is floor one so I guess you are right we need to go up

Hollyleaf: Then maybe we should press the thing that says up?

                                 ~Presses the button~

Firestar: Which floor do you think?

Hollyleaf: The roomkey says floor 13 so we should try that.

Firestar: Let me see.....there is no floor 13 sorry.

Hollyleaf: But there has to be, that's what our roomkey says on the card!

Firestar: Take a look! There is floor 12 and then floor 14 there is no floor 13 we need a new card.

Person: Can I help?

Frestar: Take a look at this card, floor 13 there is no floor 13 just floor 12 and then 14 we need a new card.

Person: THIS IS BAD! YOU FOUND ME OUT!!! I mean....Sorry,  no idea how that happened I guess I will give a real...I mean a better..key, how about floor 14 instead we have that.

Firestar: If you must, come on everyone back on the lift!

Hollyleaf: Why did we put him in charge?

Firestar: Since I am ldeader!

Jayfeather: To be fair, you are also dead to tell the truth

Lionblaze: But Hollyleaf is too! We are putting that to one side, and having a nice trip so we can enjoy it.

Hollyleaf: What room does tit have on the card?

Firestar: It says room 12 I hope they have that.

Graystripe: It is here! Right here! Come one!

            ~The cats go into the room that the card says~

Graystripe: This place is great! Come on!

Firestar: So that is way we had to pay!

Jayfeather: What? I can'tsee this hotel room!

Lionblaze: What? But you just said that you could see things and were just pretending you were blind!

Jayfeather: Oops. Sorry I forgot. This room is so  cool!

Ivypool: Wow, how is he gonna live through this....

Firestar: Sorry Ivypool, we are no danger

Dovewing: Firestar she is reading that book...

Firestar: If you don't put that book down now, you are grounded!

                            ~A group of cats enter the hotel room~

Hey! It's me Swiftpaw! A voice said.

What how are you here Swiftpaw? Aren't you dead right? Sandstorm asked,

Swiiftpaw: So, I am from the past! You know.

Firestar: Let's go to New York City!

Ivypool: This is amazing!

Dovewing: Put your Eyes on the Thunderpath!

Firestar: Let's go to the Plaza!

Graystripe: How about we go to that place with the big tree instead?

Firestar: AWWW.......But I wanted to go to the Plaza!

Hollyleaf: How about tree first, Plaza later? The tree sounds better then the Plaza......

Cats that aren't Firestar: Agreeed!

Firestar: This is unfair!

                                                  ~At the tree place~

Hollyleaf: Come and look at the size of that tree! Who knew trees could be so big like that?????

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