Chapter 1Edit

"Nettlepaw! Nettlepaw!"

Froststar called her.


"From now on you will be known as Nettlefrost." She mewed. Nettlefrost looked for Cinderpaw in the crowd. She saw him. "Nettlefrost! Nettlefrost!" He cheered. Nettlefrost smiled.

I`m Nettlefrost now.

Nettlefrost leaped off the Highrock, pushing through the crowd. She took her place.


Cinderpaw leaped onto the Highrock. "From now on you will be known as Cinderfang." She mewed. Cinderfang smiled at Nettlefrost. "Cinderfang! Cinderfang!" She cheered.

And he is Cinderfang.

Nettlefrost looked twice as happy as when she got her warrior name. "Cinderfang." She mumbled to herself. She padded off, along with the other cats.

Nettlefrost was a blue gray she-cat, the good kind.

Cinderfang walked around. "Hi, Cinderfang!" Mewed Nettlefrost as she padded up.

"I was thinking...We could become mates!"

Cinderfang looked surprised. "But...We just got our warrior names!" He protested. Nettlefrost hung her head. "You mean, you don't like me?" She asked sadly. "I do." Said Cinderfang. "But don't you think...Were to young?"

Nettlefrost looked at him, eyes shining. "When you are a warrior, you can have a mate." She said. Cinderfang tilted his head. "But I'm not ready." He said. Nettlefrost sat beside him. "You are." She replied, eyes shining.

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