Current Allegiance NightClan
Past Allegiances Unknown

Kit: Thornkit

Apprentice: Thornpaw

Warrior: Thornheart

Queen: Thornheart

Deputy: Thornheart

Leader: Thornstar

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Littermates Spiderwing
Mate Unknown
Kit(s) Stormfire, Antkit
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) Smokestar, Sharpfang
Status Alive
Role-Played by Hawkbreath

Thornstar is a a light brown tabby she-cat with stripes on pelt and amber eyes.

Personality Edit

She is sweet, understanding and couragous. She is very feirce in protecting her clan. Loyalty means everything to her for she got challenged with it.

History Edit

She was born in an unknown different clan. She was found in the snow in BrambleClan territory when she was only a kit. She then had a foster mother with her foster sister, Spiderwing. Her loyalty was doubted many times because of her different birth clan. She then tryed as hard as she could to show her new clan she was loyal. In her later apprentice moons and early warrior moons she gained the respect of others and became a great warrior, deputy, and leader.

Family Edit

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Brother: None

Foster-Sister: Spiderwing

Sons: Stormfire

Daughter: Antkit

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