Kind Unknown
Sex Female
Occupation Warrior, Deceased
Eyes Amber
Coat No pattern
Owner ~Patchfeather~

Thistleleaf is a slender, fluffy, spiky, gray and white she-cat with a narrow soft muzzle and small paws.

History Edit

In Thistleleaf's Mistake Edit

Thistlekit is first seen coming out of the nursery, the day she became an apprentice, along with her brothers, Lizardkit and Starlingkit. She is apprenticed to Willowstripe, everyone is outraged by this, and Thistlepaw can't figure out why.

Family Edit


Unnamed tom: Deceased, Suspected StarClan member


Silverstripe: Status Unknown, Most likely deceased


Lizardpaw: Status Unknown

Starlingpaw: Status Unknown


Unknown kit: Deceased, Residence Unknown


Unknown kit: Deceased, Verified StarClan member

Unknown kit: Deceased, Verified StarClan member

Trivia Edit

Thistleleaf looks exactly like Petalfur

Thistleleaf was named for her spiky fur

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