The Prophecies Begin: Spoofs

This was made by Patchfeather and adopted by aka Spottedwing.

Into the Wild Edit

Tigerclaw: Fish-face! How stupid of you to kill prey on my land!

Oakheart: After tonight long-clawed fool, this will be my land!

A random ThunderClan cat: More fish-breaths are coming!

Tigerclaw: You can swim like stinky gross fish, but you do NOT belong on MY land!

Mousefur: *screeches*

Tigerclaw: *knocks warrior off Mousefur* Stop crying like a kit, just run!

Redtail: Long-claws! We are losing! There are too many fish-faces!

Tigerclaw: No, Bushytail, I will NEVER lose! This is my land!

Redtail: We honor your courage, Long-claws, but Bluestar doesn't want us to fight what we know we can't win.

Tigerclaw: Retreat, ThunderClan, Retreat!


Bluestar: How is the crying kit, Mousefur?

More Coming Soon...