The Last Star/Trivia Edit

Warning: Spoilers for The Last Star!!! Read at your own risk!!!

  1. The Last Star takes place a few moons after the Dark Forest battle.
  2. Mousewhisker truly loved Briarlight, and did not go to the Dark Forest.
  3. At first, Berrynose loved Poppyfrost but after she challenged him, he felt betrayed, but he never stopped loving her.
  4. Jayfeather, Briarlight, Lionblaze, and Brightheart will remain prisoners of the Dark Forest until the sequel.
  5. Poppyfrost and Berrynose will never get back together.
  6. Lavenderkit from Revenge had to be renamed because of Briarlight's kit, Lavenderkit.
  7. The sequel to The Last Star will be called Betrayal. This name might be adjusted later on.
  8. The Last Star was originally meant to be named 'The Prophecy Of The Stars' but Blueleaf got confused and thought that 'The Prophecies Begin' was named 'The Prophecy Of The Stars' .
  9. The Last Star was inspired by Shadow of the Stars, The Shadow in ShadowClan, and Pudding.
  10. The third book will be called Cold To The Touch. This name might me adjusted later on.
  11. There will most likely not be a fourth book, but if there is, it will be called Fate.

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