Rainstar: silver-gray tom with dark blue eyes

Deputy, temporarily:

Tigertooth: cream and white tom with green eyes: apprentice: Twistedpaw

Medicine Cat: − − Brownleaf: pale ginger she-cat with thick brown stripes and green eyes

Warriors: − − Quailfeather: pale ginger tom with amber eyes: Apprentice: Stripedpaw

Whitestripe: pale ginger she-cat with a white back and a large white stripe on her face and green eyes: Apprentice: Lilypaw

Funnelwhisker: flame colored she-cat, with a ginger ear, and spot around her eye, darker stripes and green/blue eyes : Apprentice: Graypaw

Snowtail: pure white tom with small ears and blue eyes: Apprentice: Blackpaw

Flowersplash: dark gray she-cat with green eyes, and flower like marks speckled all over her body: Apprentice: Tinypaw

Rosefur: Pinky-ginger she-cat with a white muzzle, paws, and darker fur around her neck, and blue/green eyes − − Nightpelt: pure black tom with blue eyes

Nightbreeze: black-white tom with dark blue eyes

Blackhawk: black-white tom with amber eyes

Swallowflight: gray she-cat with dark gray spots and green eyes

Sunspots: white tom with bright ginger almost yellow spots and green eyes

Copperwhisker: ginger tabby she-cat with one white paw and blue eyes 

Apprentices: − − Blackpaw: white she-cat with black stripes and blue eyes

Twistedpaw: ginger tom with brown stripes, green eyes, and a twisted tail

Lilypaw: Pinky-ginger she-cat with green eyes

Stripedpaw: pale ginger she-cat with a white chest and paws, with green eyes

Graypaw: gray and white tom with blue eyes

Palepaw: dark gray she-cat with a light gray stripe on her face, and dark blue, almost purple eyes

Queens: − − Willowleaf/deputy: white she-cat with a black muzzle, paws, tail, and ears and blue eyes: mother to Rainstar's kits: Spottedkit: tan she-cat with brown spots, white paws and muzzle, with green eyes. and Willowkit: silver and white tom with pale green eyes

Specklewish: pale tan she-cat with darker speckles on her pelt and blue eyes: mother to Tigertooth's kits: Sunkit: pale ginger she-cat with flame colored ears, paws, and tail, with blue eyes. Cloudkit: gray tabby she-cat with ice blue eyes. and Patchkit: calico tom with ice blue eyes and long whiskers.

Paleflower: pale gray she-cat with cream ears, muzzle, and paws, and pale green eyes: mother of Quailfeather's kits: Whitekit: pale ginger she-cat with patches of white and dark ginger in her pelt, a dark ginger tail, white marks around her eyes outlined with ginger, and sea green eyes. and Pikekit: light brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and blue eyes

Elders: − − Featherfall: Silver tabby she-cat with light amber eyes. −


Leader: − − Flamestar: ginger tom with a flame colored pelt

Deputy: − − Blizzardfur: white she-cat with blue eyes

Warriors: − − Dustmoon: dark brown tom

Brightpoppy: ginger and white she-cat

Chestnutfall: dark brown tom with a darker muzzle, paws, tail, and ears and blue eyes

Featherdusk: light gray she-cat

Rabbitwing: mottled brown/gray tom −


Leader: − − Ravenstar: very small black she-cat, with one white paw and ice blue eyes

Deputy: − − Brackenheart: flame colored tabby tom with a pale underbelly, paws and muzzle, nicked ears, green eyes, one of which is scared and blind

Warriors: − − Thistleleaf: gray and white she-cat with amber eyes: apprentice: Redpaw

Midnightflower: black and white she-cat with blue eyes

Tuftpelt: gray and white tabby tom with olive eyes

Peppernose: ginger she-cat with pale stripes and blue eyes

Bravespirit: ginger she-cat with brown stripes and amber eyes

Russetfoot: ginger tom with brown stripes and green eyes −


Leader: − − Hazelstar: gray and white she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy: − − Hollyrose: dark brown tabby she-cat

Warriors: − − Darkleaf: N/A

Viperstrike: N/A

The Four

Prologue Edit

Leaves rustled as a silver tabby she-cat made her way through the undergrowth. she slowed and sat down beside a dark gray tom. "They have come," said the tom, as he looked into a camps Nursery, inside were the small bodies of new born kits. "I'm so proud of Specklewish and Paleflower." the she-cat told the tom. "So am I, Leafwish." the tom replied. "Do you know what there names are, Duskstorm?" Leafwish asked the tom. "No, not yet" Duskstorm replied.

At that moment a white she-cat also in the den, opened her black muzzle and began moaning, her black paws dug into the moss. "Shes having her kits!" yowled a silver and white tom. "Whats happening?" a tiny white she-cat asked her mother. "Shh, Tinykit shes having her kits." her mother told her. Tinykit's siblings watched in horror.

"Will she be okay, Swallowflight?" asked a gray and white tom. "Of course she will, Graykit." Swallowflight told him. "Go to the elders den until they come." she told them. they did so. a pale ginger she-cat with brown stripes walked into the den, her green eyes shimmering. "Its okay Willowleaf, I'm here." she meowed to her. "Brownleaf, it hurts." Willowleaf moaned. "It'll be okay, oh! the first ones coming!" Brownleaf told her.

Just then Willowleaf yowled in pain as a tiny silver and white clump of fur landed on the nest of moss. "A tom." Brownleaf meowed. "He looks just like you, Rainstar, lick him please." she told the tom standing next to her, he bent down to lick him. the next moment, a tan lump of fur fell next to the first, her brown spots glowed in the moon light. "A she-cat." Brownleaf said while licking her, she nuzzled the kits to there mothers belly. "What should we name them?." Willowleaf ask Rainstar. "The tom can be Willowkit." he picked. "That's a great name." Willowleaf purred, "And how about Spottedkit for the little she-kit?" she asked him. "Perfect." he purred and lie down beside her.

Leafwish leaned down to nuzzle each kit in turn. "They are all here now." whispered Leafwish. − −

Chapter One Edit

Patchkit fallowed his sisters, Sunkit and Cloudkit. Sunkit's flame colored pelt glowed in the sunshine, her blue eyes gleamed. Cloudkit at her side, her gray pelt brushed up on Sunkit's, her ice blue eyes fixed on him. both eye were stern.

"What?" Patchkit asked. "We now what you've been doing." Cloudkit told him. a pit formed in Patchkit's belly. What? he thought to himself. "What?" he asked again. "You've been trying to impress Stripedpaw, again." Sunkit yowled in his face. "No I wasn't!" Patchkit squeaked. "Yes you were, don't think we're mouse-brained." Cloudkit chirped. "Whatever, I'm going back to the den." Patchkit walked away. he felt there eyes boring into his back.

"PATCHKIT!" he heard a scream and something blow into his side, falling to the ground he looked up to see Whitekit sitting on top of him a smug look on her face. "I thought you would have learned by now." she mewed. digging her claws into his side, she got off of him and stared at him, a playful look now.

He ran as fast as he could to the den but was then stopped as Spottedkit jumped out of a bush and blocked his path, her leaf green eyes glowing. as he turn around Whitekit and her sister Pikekit ran into his face. then Cloudkit, Sunkit, and Willowkit joined in. screaming Patchkit, acting frantic wiggled free, and ran into the Nursery.

Fearful, he peered outside, all then kits had laughter on there faces, they were all looking at his neck, he slowly turned his head to look. there was a beetle on him. he screamed and swinging his head and body around until the beetle flied away. Whitekit was laying on the ground, laughing so hard, she started gasping for breath. "We got you so good!" yowled Whitekit.

"That wasn't funny!" Patchkit hissed. he began to run away crying. "Oh come on Patchkit, it was just a joke!" Spottedkit meowed after him. Patchkit didn't know that he left the camp until he was far from it, but he didn't care right now. he lay down under some bracken and put his tail over his nose, and his paws over his eyes.

"Patchkit?" Patchkit heard a voice he opened his eyes to see dawn light, and standing above him Stripedpaw and Graypaw. he jumped up, his heart pounding. "What are you doing here?" Graypaw asked. "I'm sorry I didn't... it was late, but I..." his voice trialed off. "Its fine." Stripedpaw said cheerfully "But we better get you home before anyone knows you've gone." she meowed. No one even new I left? he thought. "Come on, Graypaw will take you." She said as she walked away. Patchkit fallowed Graypaw. "You're lucky you're becoming an apprentice today, or else we would have said something, but we wouldn't spoil such a big day." Graypaw mewed. "Today?" Patchkit asked. "Yes! what did you forget?" Graypaw asked. "Yeah I did." Patchkit meowed. Graypaw stopped and stared at him for a moment, the look he gave Patchkit was like he thought he was crazy, then he walked some more, the golden bracken brushed up on Patchkit's back, it was cool, and refreshing. the forest was green, with golden yellow light shining through the trees, the light dappled the forest floor.

They leaped a small stream and padded a few more paces and were back at camp "Thanks." Patchkit thanked Graypaw, and hoped into camp, the rock cave of the Nursery had lichen with shimmering dew on it. Patchkit's mother, Specklewish raced up and began cleaning his ears, to be ready to be made an apprentice. − −

Chapter Two Edit

Whitekit watched Patchkit walk by. What a mouse. she thought. her father, Quailfeather, came over to her, the tuft of fur sticking up on his head, which gives him his name, more spiky then ever. "Whitekit," he began carefully. "You're apprentice ceremony is going to happen later then most do", he finished, and closed his eyes. "What?" Whitekit asked "What?" she repeted. "But you said at DAWN!" she moaned. Quailfeather's eyes were closed tight, ears flat, and a faintly annoyed look on his face. "Look Whitekit, we've found fox scent and it won't be good to have a bunch of new apprentice's running around the forest..." his voice trailed of when he just realized what he just said, his eyes got tighter as he new what was coming.

"What?, What!? a fox! and you're just going to let me sit here all day and wait!? I want to help fight!" she hissed. "Whitekit, be quiet, cats are starting to look" he meowed. "I don't care if they look!" she hissed. "Whitekit," his voice was more firm this time, "If you don't stop you don't become an apprentice at all." he growled back. "Fine!" she walked away to the Nursery, growling under her breath. Quailfeather looked pleased with himself, and went over to a group of cats. It's not fair. she thought. everyone else becomes apprentices in the morning...

After a while she calmed down, she watched Spottedkit and Patchkit pushing a leaf around, Patchkit got it stuck on his claw, and stood on two legs and bounced onto his back flicking his paw until it fell off. "We should do something" Whitekit mewed. "Like what?" Spottedkit asked. "Go out of camp and find the fox, you dummy!" Whitekit stated. "What!?, no!, we could die!" Patchkit wailed. "Not if you have me!" Whitekit mewed.

"Then it's settled, lets go." Whitekit began to march for the hole in the cave when Spottedkit stepped up from where she was sitting "Whitekit, I agree with Patchkit, this doesn't sound like a good idea." "But, but...come on Spottedkit don't listen to him!" she wined. "They are probably just cubs, they won't hurt us'' "Fine, Patchkit, are you coming or what?" Spottedkit ask him. "I guess." he mewed. "Now let's go." Whitekit lead the way into the forest. − −

Chapter Three Edit

Patchkit fallowed Whitekit and Spottedkit out in the forest. it was sunhigh and the forest was bright and green. suddenly he got dizzy, he closed his eyes against the pain in his head. when he opened them. he gasped at what he could see, a fox, a large one. he watched in awe as he saw the fox as if playing with the kits. What's happening? he asked himself. he blinked and it was gone. No! I want to see more! he yowled silently.

He shut his eye tight again, and opened, still nothing. "Look!, over there it looks like a fox set!" Whitekit mewed loudly. Patchkit, his vision all but forgotten, padded over and sniffed it, just as Whitekit had guessed, it reeked of fox. the set was in between an old oak tree with ferns and brambles covering the sides of the set. a small pool of water was at the foot of the set, small fish swam in it. inside the hole was dark and stuffy.

"Let's go inside." Whitekit decided. as she began to move to the hole he heard Spottedkit, who was sitting behind him, gasp. he turned around to see a tall, large fox, still fluffy, saying it was still a cub. it ran for Spottedkit, who jumped out of the way. "Hey I think it's trying t play!" chirped Spottedkit as the fox ran for her again. "Chase me! Chase me!" Whitekit yowled running around the cub. it looked confused at which it should target. Patchkit ran under a root of the old oak, the bark scraped against his back, it ripped out some fur. he watched Spottedkit and Whitekit dash around the fox at lightning speed. the fox looked dizzy, it ran away, the way it smelled over there, Patchkit guessed it was the border. "Bye foxy!" mewed Whitekit. Patchkit began to to wiggle out from under the root, but he couldn't. the more he tried to get free, the more it became clear that he wasn't getting anywhere. "Help!" Patchkit mewed. "What?" Whitekit and Spottedkit walked over. "I'm stuck" Patchkit meowed quietly. "You're what?, stuck?" Whitekit let out a marrow of laughter. "Yes, can you please just get me out?" Patchkit growled. "Okay." Spottedkit began pushing his face with her paws.

Whitekit pulled his tail, and after a long, painful, moment, he began to slip out from the bark, and then flied out hitting Whitekit in the face. "Get off of me!" she hissed through his fur. he climbed of and looked around it was starting to get a bit late. "We should get back to ca-"

His meow was cut of by crunching of paws padding over leaves. "Warriors!, we have to hide!" Spottedkit ran for an open clump of bracken, she could clearly be seen. "No, not there, fallow me." Patchkit meowed. he quickly lead them to a small gorse bush. they climbed up the branches. the warriors pasted by, sniffing were the kits had just been. "It's trail leads to the CrystalClan border, let's make sure it crossed into there border, then we can go back and report to Rainstar." a cat he new, Whitestripe told her clanmates.

"We have to get back to cam before the warriors." Whitekit hissed. "Lets wait till they leave then we can make a run for it." Spottedkit decided. Patchkit heard the paw steps of the warriors grow fainter and fainter. "Okay, now!" Spotteddkit jumped form the bush fallowed by Whitekit, then Patchkit. they ran as fast as they could to the camp, Patchkit got slapped in the face by thorns and bushes, but ignored them. running through the forest which felt like a moon, at last ended as they reached the camp. "Patchkit, peek through to make sure no ones looking for us." Spottedkit mewed. he padded over to the large bramble vines which went over boulders, which made the entrance. he saw Featherfall sharing a starling with his Specklewish, but nothing more. "It's safe." he meowed. they padded in, no one even noticed them. "Lets get to the Nursery." Spottedkit mewed as they walked in. they got to the Nursery, Whitekit jumped into her nest and snuggled close to her sleeping sister, Pikekit. Spottedkit curled into a tight ball. tiredness blazed over Patchkit, and he fell into his nest next to his sisters, there warm breath calming his pounding heart. then he remembered his vision with the fox cub, what happened in it really happened in real life. he thought, but he was to tired t worry about it and he drifted to sleep. − −

Chapter Four Edit

"Let all cats gather for a clan meeting!" Rainstar's yowl woke Spottedkit, once again feeling proud of her father. her mother Willowleaf came in to groom her quick along with her brother, Willowkit. "Alright lets go." Willowleaf meowed with a flash of pride in her face.

She and Willowkit padded into the line of kits. The apprentices den is going to be really cramped. she thought to herself. "Spottedkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be know as Spottedpaw. Blackhawk, you are ready to take on an apprentice. you excellent training Fallenfeather, and you have shown yourself to be brave and strong. you will be the mentor of Spottedpaw, and I expect to pass on all you know to Spottedpaw. she touched noses with Blackhawk.

The rest were made apprentices, Patchpaw's mentor is Nightbreeze, Willowpaw's Nightpelt, Whitepaw's Rosefur, Sunpaw's Rainstar, Cloudpaw's Willowleaf, Pikepaw's Specklewish.

"What do we do first?" Spottedpaw asked Blackhawk. "We aren't doing anything today." he stated. "What? Why?" she asked again. "Its to late to do anything, but we could go and get moss for Featherfall, and then you and the other apprentices can clean all the old moss out of the Nursery, and then put new moss in your new den." he finished. "But, I thought..." Spottedpaw began. "We can start the fun stuff in the morning." Blackhawk meowed. "Fine." Spottedpaw growled.

Blackhawk led her out in to the now orange forest. she looked pasted the trees and saw the sky was blood red. then she thought of blood raining down, drowning her. she shivered at the thought and pushed it away. they came up at a hollow, rotten, log. Blackhawk led the way inside it. to Spottedpaw's surprise there was green glowing moss all over the inside. some white flowers grow in the cracks. "Now just slice your claws through the moss and pull after you've got a big piece." he meowed, she watched carefully as he dug one long white claw into it and began to move it.

Until he began to dig all of his claws in and pull. it ripped out of the ground. "Now you try." Blackhawk meowed, licking his paws. she did what he had did and pulled it out. "Perfect." he meowed, getting up and picking up his own. they got back to camp. she toke the moss to the elders den. Featherfall was eating, again, as she cleaned the nest. she buried the old moss. and walked to the apprentices den and made her nest. she began to the Nursery when Pikepaw stopped her "Don't worry, I already cleaned it." she said while padding to the apprentices den, it was a old fallen oak with lichen all over it. she went to Blackhawk who was sharing a rabbit with his sister, Funnelwhisker. "I did everything you wanted me to do." Spottedpaw meowed. "Okay, you are done for the day, get some prey and rest." he told her.

She picked a mouse from the fresh-kill pile and went to sit next to the apprentices den. Patchpaw joined her "I helped Pikepaw and Whitepaw clean the Nursery, and Pikepaw doesn't like me anymore." Patchpaw meowed through mouth fulls. disbelieved she asked "What? why doesn't she like you?"

"I through a toad on her face, so she now out of camp diving her face in the stream, trying to wash the stick off, it won't come off though." Patchpaw informed her. Whitepaw padded over and sat next to Spottedpaw, she stared at her mouse. "Do you want i-"

Whitepaw toke it before she even finished speaking and gulped it down. Tinypaw was walking by with Palepaw and Lilypaw and saw this "Ew." she said and went into the den. Whitepaw growled. "Don't worry Whitepaw, Tinypaw's always been full of herself." came a new voice."Hello Twistedpaw." Spottedpaw greeted the big tom.

"So, how do you like being an apprentice so far?" Twistedpaw asked, his strangely twisted tail flicking. "Its not as great as I thought it would be." Spottedpaw meowed. "Oh, don't worry, it'll get better once you start training." he confirmed with a bit of pity in his voice. "Would you like to come training with me and Tigertooth at dawn?" Twistedpaw asked. "Yes!" Whitepaw jumped up. "Okay I'll go tell our mentors, Whitepaw, can you ask Rosefur yourself? she scars me."

"Sure!" Whitepaw ran of to find her mentor. "Thanks Twistedpaw." Patchpaw mewed. "Your welcome, you should go to sleep early if you want to be ready to go." Twistedpaw added cheerfully, and padded into the den.

"I'm going to my nest Patchpaw." Spottedpaw told the calico tom. she padded carefully to her nest and curled up in a tight ball, with her nose on her tail. − −

Chapter Five Edit

Patchpaw watched as Stripedpaw showed him a battle move. one moon had pasted since he became an apprentice. he admired Stripedpaw, she was quick and a good fighter. "Okay, I'm going to use this stick as another cat." she mewed to him. she wove some lichen around the stick so it was hovering in the air. "Now just watched what I do, first you..."

He stopped listening to her as he became dizzy. Not again! he thought silently. its happened three times since he, Spottedpaw, and Whitepaw had seen the fox. a vision came to him, Stripedpaw leaping for the hovering stick, missing and falling into a bracken thicket. where she let out a loud screech of pain, he tried to see what it was, but the bracken was to thick. terror blazed though Patchpaw, No! that can't happen, this is driving me crazy! Patchpaw began to back away. "Patchpaw, whats wrong?" Stripedpaw asked. Patchpaw almost didn't even hear her.

Patchpaw looked around everything looked like they were closing in on him. he began to run though the forest. "Patchpaw!" he heard Stripedpaw call but he kept running. I have to get away. he thought slowing down till he was just walking. he shut his eyes, Its all in your head, its all in your head. he told himself. your just losing your mind. − −

Chapter Six Edit

Spottedpaw, Palepaw, and Snowtail were on a hunting patrol. "Can we try to split up and then met back here at sunhigh?" Palepaw asked. "That's a great idea. I'll go to the shaded rocks, Palepaw, you can go to shimmering falls, and Spottedpaw can go to the singing hollow." Snowtail responded. Spottedpaw had grow a liking to the fluffy cloudy white tom. Snowtail began to shaded rock, Palepaw to the falls.

Spottedpaw was now alone. "I love the singing hollow." she said out loud. its also a good place to find doves. she thought, her mouth watering. she headed along a twisting path ferns speckled the forest. at last she reached the singing hollow, a large stone hollow with small caves in the walls which wind blew out of making a whistling noise, giving it the name. flowers had grown into the wall and ivy vines along with lichen had also grown on the walls.

The whistling was eerie, spooking many cats and prey away, but doves nested in some of the holes in the walls, the eeriness of the area didn't make Spottedpaw scared, it made her feel safe, and calm.

She began searching the hollow for doves. she spotted one pecking at sunflower seeds on the ground. her whiskers twitched, she forced her tail to stay low and still. she made sure the wind wasn't blowing to the dove so it wouldn't pick up her scent. she stalked forward, careful where she put her paws. she wiggled her wast, ready to spring. when a flash of silver fur flew at the dove and blood speckled the grass from the killing blow. "Good catch!" came another cat who walked up to greet the first, by the look of it they were mates.

"Hey!" Spottedpaw yowled in fury, leaping from the long grass. butterflies flew away as she landed. "Your in IceClan territory!" she hissed. "What are you going to do about it? fight us? your to small to take on both of us." the silver tom cat replied. he was right, they were both twice her size, but she couldn't just leave them here.

She leaped for the silver cats mate, a solid brown she-cat. her blue eyes gleamed with anger as Spottedpaw flew at her. Spottedpaw knocked the she-cat of her paws. the she-cat looked up in surprise. Spottedpaw slashed her muzzle, then bounced back up to face the silver tom. she raced forward and landed a heavy blow to his face, then slashed his neck. she turned to the she-cat next, her eyes filled with terror Spottedpaw leaped to her "I give in! I give in!" she screamed. "Good, now take your mate and leave." Spottedpaw growled. "I can't, you killed him..." the she-cat mewed shakily. Spottedpaw turned around to see the silver toms lifeless body laying in a pool of blood around a large gash in his neck, his cloudy eyes staring at nothing. she turned back to where the she-cat was but she had left.

"No! what have I done? I broke the warrior code... I...I only hit him a little... how did this happen?" she buried his body and ran into the forest, her eyes tearing up. You broke it, you broke it! you will never be a true warrior now, never! − −

Chapter Seven Edit

Whitepaw and Twistedpaw had been helping to gather herbs for Brownleaf. Brownleaf toke the herbs they found so far back to camp, leaving Whitepaw and Twistedpaw alone. "What are we looking for again?" Whitepaw asked looking at her clanmate. "I think its called Fennel." Twistedpaw meowed looking around the ground. "We're almost at the CrystalClan border. we may as well go check it." Whitepaw added.

The border of CrystalClan and FrostClan was a thunderpath, so they had to stay wiry. "Looks like everything is good here, no cats have crossed." Whitepaw stated proudly. "Rrreeoooowww."

"What was that?" Twistedpaw asked fearfully. "Its coming from the thunderpath." Whitepaw meowed shakily. they padded closer to it and to there horror a small kit was laying on the path, her neck twisted and hind leg sticking out strangely. "Shes still alive!" Twistedpaw gasped. "What do we do?" Whitepaw asked. the poor kit looked like she was in the worst pain ever know to the world.

"I don't know..." Twistedpaw looked so sadden by this. Whitepaw leaned down to the scrap of fur, the kits breath very faint. Whitepaw placed a gentile paw on the tiny kit. "I wish I could help you..." she mewed in sorrow. she closed her eyes tight and kept wishing it over, and over again. "Whitepaw...!" she heard Twistedpaw gasped in disbelieve. "What..." she said opening her eyes. "Oh..., Oh!" she jumped back at what she saw.

The little she-kit lay on the thunderpath eyes wide open, her wounds gone, her neck was how it should be, and her leg was pushing its self up, back to normal. "What... what did you do?" the she-cat asked. sitting up with no pain. "I don't... know." Whitepaw meowed. "Thank you, you saved my life!, my names Daisykit." the she-cat mewed cheerfully.

Twistedpaw and Whitepaw looked at each other. "What did you do?" he asked her. "I said I don't know." Whitepaw repeated. "I won't say anything. I'm going to take... Daisykit back to her camp." he meowed. "Okay." Whitepaw couldn't believe what had just happened. Am I going to die? she asked herself. she watched Twistedpaw take Dasiykit, then she padded around the forest, thinking she was going to die. − −

Chapter Eight Edit

Patchpaw lay in a sunny spot at the edge of the forest, a roaring gorge had left a large crack in the ground, fallowed by a far drop then the fast water. he heard paw steps and turned to see Whitepaw walk out of some ferns. "What are you doing here, Shorty?" Whitepaw asked. "I told you to stop calling me that." Patchpaw responded.

Spottedpaw came out of more undergrowth her face was unreadable, her green eye tired. "I...I killed a cat." she meowed at last. "What?" Patchpaw asked disbelieved. "How did you do that? it wasn't one of our clanmates was it?" Whitepaw asked eagerly. "No it wasn't, and I don't know how it happened I just clawed his neck and... I didn't even do it that hard." Spottedpaw meowed.

"Something happened to me too." Whitepaw put in. she told her story about the kit. Patchpaw told them of his vision. "Maybe you should become a medicine cat, the smallest one that ever walked the forest, besides, your just making this up." Whitepaw chirped to Patchpaw. "What? no i'm not!" Patchpaw hissed. "If I am then you must be too, at least what happened to me makes more sense!" Patchpaw sneered.

"I'm not making this up kitling. so I would just walked away if I were you." Whitepaw sneered back. "What did you just call me?" Patchpaw asked anger rising in his throat. "Kitling." Whitepaw repeated. "I'll kill you!" Patchpaw roared leaping onto her back, and biting hard on the back of her neck. she meowed in surprise at his attack, but began to fight back.

"Both of you! STOP!" Spottedpaw screeched. and pulled Patchpaw off of Whitepaw. "Patchpaw, shes just trying to get you to do this, just calm down." Spottedpaw meowed. Patchpaw's ears pounded from anger but he slowly calmed.

"We have to get back to camp and get some sleep, Spottedpaw mewed. "But what about what happened?" Whitepaw asked. "We can talk about it later." Spottedpaw responded. she headed her way for camp Patchpaw fallowed, Whitepaw close behind.

Once back in camp, they heard a moaning noise from the medicine den, Spottedpaw and Patchpaw padded over to Swallowflight, the warriors eye full of worry. "Whats happening?" Spottedpaw asked. "Stripedpaw got her paw hurt by a fox trap." Swallowflight meowed.

"What?" Patchpaw asked fear lighting his eyes. they went to there dens and into there nests. "She got hurt just like what happened in my vision." Patchpaw mewed to Spottedpaw. "I know but the best thing we can do right now is rest." Patchpaw did as she said and rested his chin on his paws and let sleep drift over him. − −

Chapter Nine Edit

Spottedpaw woke to a beautiful forest with a quiet water fall shimmering in the green-leaf sun. rock were scattered around and the ground was pebbles. a flash of ginger fur catched her eye. she padded over to it.

it had black and white spots in it. she pounced "Get off!" yowled the cat. "Patchpaw!" Spottedpaw meowed. the calico tom got up.

"What are you doing here?" Spottedpaw asked. "I should ask you the same." Pachpaw answered. "Where are we?" came a new voice. Patchpaw and Spottedpaw turned around quickly. "Whitepaw, your here to?"

Whitepaw looked at herself, paw to tail. "Pretty sure." Whitepaw mewed. "Hello, young ones." came another voice. they all looked at a star speckled brown tabby she-cat with patches of ginger and black in her pelt, deep blue starlit eyes, a feather soft, white chest, muzzle and paws, and silver mist shaded around her soft white paws.

"Who are you?" Patchpaw asked. "My name is Leafwish." the beautiful she-cat answered. "Are you a StarClan cat?" asked Whitepaw. "Yes." the Leafwish simply answered. "Are we dead?" Whitepaw asked again. "No." there was an edge to the she-cats voice.

"I'm here about whats been happening to you." Leafwish meowed. "StarClan has given you powers no other cats have." Leafwish informed them. "From what?" Patchpaw asked.

"Spottedpaw, your power is to be stronger then most cats, that's why you killed that rouge so simply. Whitepaw, your power is to be able to heal anyone, if you chose, that's why you healed Daisykit. Patchpaw, your power is to have small short visions of the future, you are also strong like Spottedpaw." Leafwish finished.

"I also bring a prophecy, Darkness and death runs through the land. showing no mercy to destroy them all, only four can save them from the endless darkness." Leafwish finished.

a shiver ran down Spottedpaw's spin "Whats that mean?" she asked. "You will have to find that out for yourselves." Leafwish responded. Leafwish began to grow fainter "Wait!" Spottedpaw cried. but Leafwish was already gone. − −

Chapter Ten Edit

Two moons had pasted since they spoke to Leafwish. Whitepaw woke up to a dream with Patchpaw looking around beside her. "You again?" she growled. "Why do we keep having dreams together?" Patchpaw asked. they were in a frosty forest.

the branches above them rustled, and a few brown leaves fell. "Leaf-fall already?" Whitepaw mewed. dead ferns brushed next to the trees. and birds sang quietly. brown leaves scattered the ground and the trees above were missing half there leaves or had red, gold, and orange leaves.

"Well i'm going hunting you can come if you want but-" Whitepaw stopped as she saw a sparrow land on the ground. she ran to it. it let out an alarm call then fluttered in the air but Patchpaw leaped high and grabbed it and kill it with a swift bite.

suddenly they heard paws step on some of the leaves behind them and wiped around to see a tall, matted, silver tom with whirling tabby stripes. his gleaming amber gaze fixed on the two cats. "Hello." he meowed coolly. "Hi." Whitepaw mewed back. "I saw you catch that bird. it was okay." the silver tabby meowed.

"Okay?" Whitepaw echoed. "I could teach you to do it better, better then any other clan cats." he meowed. "Okay, what do you know?" Patchpaw asked. "You have to get closer to the prey like this," the tabby showed them with a dead leaf.

"Then as soon as it flies then grab it so then you don't have to jump so high next time." the tom finished. "try it." he meowed pointing his tail at a thrush pecking small nuts off the ground. Whitepaw crouched and padded forward and leaped out from the undergrowth while Patchpaw closer to the thrush grab it with three paws on the ground.

"It worked!" Whitepaw mewed. "Of course it worked." the tom replied. "I could show you more if you like." he mewed. "Yes!" both apprentices said at the same time. "Good, I'll see you tonight."

"Whats your name? I'm Whitepaw and this is Patchpaw." Whitepaw mewed. "I know who you are, my name is Whirlstripe." the silver tom replied. "You knew? are you a StarClan cat?" Whitepaw asked eagerly.

"You could say." Whirlstripe meowed. "Well see you later." he meowed as he padded away. − −

Chapter Eleven Edit

Another moon had pasted and Spottedpaw was going to a gathering. Whitepaw, Lilypaw, and Stripedpaw had been chosen to go too.

the night was cold and dark. they made it to the large maple where they held gatherings at. "SPOTTEDPAW! WHITEPAW!" came loud cries. Spottedpaw looked just in time to see the two IceClan she-cats they had befriended at there first gathering.

she moved aside as the white and gray apprentices crashed down into the clearing. Whitepaw was to late to move and got ran over full force by the two sisters. "Redpaw! Meadowpaw!" Whitepaw yowled climbing to her paws. "Are you warriors yet?" Redpaw asked her white pelt glowing in the moon light and her flame colored, almost red, spots were silver, her blue eyes glittering.

"Nope." stated Redpaw. Meadowpaw grunted. "What about you?" Meadowpaw asked. "Nay." Whitepaw mewed flecking an ear. "Wheres Patchpaw?" Redpaw asked she had a huge crush on the calico tom. "He got hurt training last night." Whitepaw replied quickly. Meadowpaw narrowed her eyes and nodded.

"Last night?" Redpaw asked baffled. "Do you night train or something?"

"No, I meant yesterday." Whitepaw mewed. "anyway," Spottedpaw began, "Whats been going on in IceClan?" Redpaw had grief in her eyes. "Nothing good... our mother died." Meadowpaw let Redpaw's head rest under her chin for comfort.

"I'm so sorry." Spottedpaw meowed quietly. Redpaw looked brighter now "Nothing good wasn't the best word because my older sister, Featherbreeze, just had three kits! they're really cute!" Redpaw squeaked. "Aw, well tell her I said hi." Spottedpaw mewed.

"Let the gathering begin!" she heard the CrystalClan leader, Flamestar, yowl. "CrystalClan will go first." the ginger tabby settled on the maple branch he sat on. "Everything is well in CrystalClan, and we have one new warrior, Rabbittalon."

"Rabbittaolon!" the clans cheered the warriors new name. Spottedpaw caught sight of the young brown warrior, he looked like he was going to burst with pride.

"SnowClan will go next." the leader Hazelstar meowed. "The prey is running well in SnowClan, and we have a new litter of kits. that is all." Hazelstar finished, her gray and white pelt fluffed out.

the deputy of IceClan, Brackenheart, looked at Rainstar. "Go ahead." he allowed. "Ravenstar has died and my name is Brackenstar now." Brackenstar mewed quietly. "Featherbreeze and Russetfoot have had a litter of kits, that is all." the ginger tabby finished.

"Not much has happened to FrostClan, but Copperwhisker has had two kits with Sunspots, Flowerkit and Mousekit." Rainstar meowed sitting down to show he was finished. "The gathering is over." Hazelstar meowed, while jumping down. leading her clan out.

Brackenstar gathered his clan. "Bye Whitepaw, Spottedpaw." Redpaw and Meadowpaw said there farewells and headed for there clan. Rainstar got FrostClan together.

"That was a boring one." Whitepaw had been complaining the whole time since they left. "I mean there wasn't even a figh-"

she broke of at a snarl "What was that?" Willowleaf asked looking around, her fur fluffed up. she was answered when a fox came out of the brush, the biggest one Spottedpaw had ever seen, which made her wounder if it was part dog.

"Get back." Rainstar told the younger apprentices. they didn't bring that many warriors to this gathering, so they were right to be scared. Rainstar, Willowleaf, Tigertooth, and Paleflower helped attack it, while Twistedpaw and Lilypaw stayed with the apprentice in case it came to them.

It Paleflower kicked in the face and didn't get up, she was breathing though. Twistedpaw moved forward and took Paleflower's fur and pulled her to Lilypaw and Whitepaw. Rainstar fell with a gushing wound on his belly and didn't move, not even to breath.

Spottedpaw felt the deep horror that her father had lost a life. she saw him gasped, alive once more, but to weak to move. all the warriors were badly wounded, another fox came out and headed for the apprentices. they ran up a tree next to them, Whitepaw and Lilypaw pulling Paleflower up.

Spottedpaw began to climbed to the tree when she was pulled back and pain hit her tail as the fox began to tug it. it pulled her away from the tree when more snarling came. No! not another one! Spottedpaw thought helplessly. but a blur of ginger fur flied at the fox and drove it running as claws hit its neck.

the unknown cat cased the other fox of too. it was a ginger tom. he turned around and lied his glittering blue eyes on her. Spottedpaw's heart started pounding and she felt hot. "Squirrelpaw?"Rainstar asked in a choking voice. the ginger tom looked at the leader and dipped his head.

"Its good to see you again, Rainsplash, or are you Rainstar now?" Squirrelpaw asked. "We have to get back to camp. come with us Squirrelpaw." Willowleaf meowed. Squirrelpaw dipped his head again. the cat began to head for camp, Rainstar leaning on Tigertooth's side. Spottedpaw trailed behind just ahead of Squirrelpaw. his ice blue eyes turned to her, and she looked away. − −

Chapter Twelve Edit

Whitepaw sat beside Spottedpaw, Patchpaw and Cloudpaw. "His names Squirrelpaw," Cloudpaw was saying, "And you said that Rainstar and him seemed to know each other, so he must be a clan cat, a FrostClan cat!" she finished happy with herself.

"Shut up, Willowleaf is going over to talk to him." Patchpaw hissed. Whitepaw noticed Spottedpaw staring at the ginger tom, there was a spark in her eyes.

"Squirrelpaw," Willowleaf began, "Where did you go?" the she-cats short white pelt fluffed out by the cold. "Well, when I was here I had heard so many stories of how scary Twolegplace is, and so, I went to see if it was true. the Twolegs toke my in they're nest, I just wanted to go home, but they always watched the door, so closely when it was opened, but about a half-moon ago, I did it, they left the door cracked opened just a bit so I made my chance." Squirrelpaw finished.

"So your going to come back to live in FostClan again?" Willowleaf asked. "Yes." Squirrelpaw stated. "Okay, you can rest bit and-"

"I'll start doing stuff now." Squirrelpaw cut her off. "Okay. you can go on a hunting patrol with Rosefur, Quailfeather, and Tinypaw." she meowed. Squirrelpaw headed off to join it.

Spottedpaw, Whitepaw, go get moss and make Squirrelpaw a nest in the den with you." Willowleaf meowed and padded off to Rainstar's den. "Okay lets go Spottedpaw." Whitepaw lead the way to the moss covered log.

"Spottedpaw!" Whitepaw yowled, Spottedpaw had been staring at the moss, needing it. "What?" Spottedpaw asked. "Quit acting like a sand-brain and start pulling." Whitepaw mewed.

"Whats wrong with you anyway?" Whitepaw asked. "I don't know, I'm just thinking..." Spottedpaw's voice trailed off and she began needing the moss again. "You know what, just forget it." Whitepaw growled.

"What? I'm helping!" Spottedpaw squeaked in alarm. 'Whatever." Whitepaw growled.

after all of sunhigh spent pulling moss, they made it back to camp. Whitepaw began to set the nest. "No! wait I can do it!" Spottedpaw pushed her away. "Since I didn't help you pull it." Spottedpaw chirped quickly.

Whitepaw just curled in her nest and fell asleep. − −

Chapter Thirteen Edit

Whitepaw stood on the dark ground, the light only an eerie green glow, you could see no sky. in front of her stood Patchpaw, tall with his face glowing green from fungus underneath him. "Fight!" came the voice of Whirlstripe.

Patchpaw leaped for Whitepaw and slashed her neck, only ripping out some fur. Whitepaw ducked and hit her head on his chest. she fell back in pain. Patchpaw put his paw on her chest, hard, with his hind paws holding down her back legs. she had clearly lost.

"Good work Patchpaw, go work with Jaggedstorm with that new move." Whirlstripe meowed. Patchpaw walked off to find the cat.

"As for you." the tall silver tabby looked at Whitepaw. "What happned to you? you always won a fight with him, but now the fight doesn't even last a moment before you lose." the tom snarled.

"Hes bigger then me now, and I just haven't been as swift, because... I don't know!" she yowled. "Well, you better work on that before the... never mind, just keep training." Whirlstripe hissed and walked off.

"I can't control it!" she hissed to herself. Now Patchpaw's taller then me, bigger then me, and a better fighter, what am I going to do? she asked herself but no answered came. she growled and began to stomp around the dark forest.

"They're falling for it." came a hiss of laughter. "I know that! I thought they would have been a little bit smarter then this." came another hiss.

What? Whitepaw peered through the dead plants to see Whirlstripe and a she-cat named Dapplepelt, sitting together around a huge group of Dark Forest cats. "We will get rid of the clans now." a mottled matted tom replied. They're tricking us? she thought with horror.

"Lets get back to these idiots and tell them training is over for the night, then we will talk about the battle plans." Dapplepelt growled.

Whitepaw ran swiftly back to the clearing where her and Patchpaw had been training earlier. Whirlstripe walked out of the dead undergrowth and stopped in front of Whitepaw. "Find Patchpaw and tell him training is over." the silver tom growled and padded back to the dead plants.

she found Patchpaw fighting with Meadowpaw. the gray she-cat ran swiftly but Patchpaw waited and hit her in the side with a powerful blow and kicked her to the ground she lied there, panting with blood welling out of a nick in her ear.

Wow, hes good! she thought satisfied. "Patchpaw, Whirlstripe said we're done for the night." Whitepaw chirped at him. "Okay." Patchpaw let Meadowpaw go, she gave Whitepaw a grateful glance and padded off.

"Patchpaw when we wake up I have to tell you something." Whitepaw padded next to him "You could just tell me now." Patchpaw meowed looking at her. "No, this isn't the place to tell you at." she mewed high-pitched. I don't want to take a chance at being caught. − −

Chapter Fourteen Edit

Patchpaw fallowed Whitepaw out into the forest to the shimmering falls. I bet shes going to push me in. he thought to himself.

they stopped and sat on a flat rock next to the falls, they shimmered in the sunshine, with red and blue flowers on the grass a ways away. "What?" he asked annoyed by her, then saw fear in her eyes.

"The Dark Forest is tricking us! they are using us to fight the clans! they are trying to fool us, change the way we think, and make us kill our... clans... Whitepaw's voice trailed off.

disbelieve prickled his pelt, Shes lieing! he thought but then she pushed her face into his chest fur and started whimpering. he sighed.

"everything's going to be fine." he mewed. she pulled away from him and looked relieved. "You wont fall for the tricks?" she asked a worrying look in her eyes again. − − "No." Patchpaw promised. she looked calmer now. "Thank you." she meowed and padded away.

he puffed and walked away too. "Patchpaw!" he looked over to see Stripedpaw limping over to him. he felt like it was his fault that she would always have a limp. "Stripedpaw!" he mewed and began padding to her but fell to the ground with a hiss of pain and embarrassment.

he got his paw stuck in a rabbit hole. "Here let me help you." Stripedpaw limped over and tugged his paw out with her teeth. "Thanks." Patchpaw mewed.

suddenly there was a loud strange noise. they flattened there ears against the noise. "What is that?" Stripedpaw screeched. "Lets get back to camp." Patchpaw meowed loudly. "Wait, I have to find Whitepaw. you go, I'll catch up." Patchpaw ran after Whitepaw.

he fallowed her scent trail to a broken tree where he found her hiding inside her eyes full of terror. she looked relieved to see Patchpaw and ran out to him. "Whats happening!? she asked. "I don't know, but we should get back to camp."

on there way back they saw the sky. it was darker then they had ever seen it in there lives. the wind was fast making leaves fly everywhere. they began to run as fast as they could they made it back to see the clan heading into a shallow tunnel in the ground. How long has that been there? Patchpaw thought.

he walked up to Spottedpaw. "Whats going on?" he asked. "Uh, what?" she asked. "Oh there's a tornado." she responded. "A what?" Whitepaw echoed. "Whats that?" Patchpaw asked. "You see that cloud tunnel coming to the ground? that's a tornado." she meowed pointing her tail to the sky to reveal the cloud. "How do you know about that?" Whitepaw asked.

"Squirrelpaw told me, he lived with twolegs and understood some of there words." she mewed "We have to go underground or it could suck us up." she finished proudly. "Cloudpaw! Graypaw! Patchpaw!" he heard Rainstar yowl.

he ran over along with Graypaw and Cloudpaw. "I need you to sit here and yowl if the tornado gets to close" Rainstar ordered. "Okay," the apprentices all said at the same time. − − a few moments had pasted when Graypaw was called to help with something.

"Patchpaw!" he heard Copperwhisker call him. she looked frantic her eyes wild. "Can you find Mousekit? I have Flowerkit, but I have to stay with her, shes scared, so could you please find him?" Copperwhisker looked hopeful.

"Of course I will." Patchpaw mewed. "Thank you!" she mewed scrambling away. he ran to the Nursery and didn't find him. he looked in the apprentices den, and heard mewing in the tree branches. he looked up to see Mousekit sitting on the branch his blue eyes wild and his solid ginger pelt fluffed out.

"Mousekit!" he meowed to the tom kit. he looked down. "I can't get down!" Mousekit screeched. "Wait, I'll come up and help." he climbed up the fallen oak to the kit he grabbed him and carried him down. "Thank you!" Mousekit squeaked.

"Patchpaw! Mousekit! get in the tunnel!" he heard his sister Cloudpaw yowl. they got to the tunnel while Cloudpaw and Graypaw waited.

Graypaw ran in after them with Cloudpaw coming. "Ahh! help!" he heard Cloudpaw yowl and turned to see her lifting off the ground. "Cloudpaw!" Graypaw yowled leaping to her and pulling her in the tunnel.

fell on his back while Cloudpaw landed on Graypaw's belly they were muzzle to muzzle. "Thank you, you saved my life..." Cloudpaw mewed getting off of him. Graypaw rubbed his face to hers purring.

Patchpaw turned away with Mousekit. "Mousekit!" Copperwhisker cried when she saw her son and ran up to him purring. "Thank you, thank you!" she mewed licking Patchpaw between the ears. he dipped his head and padded away to find the rest of the cats deeper in the tunnel. − −

Chapter Fifthteen Edit

"Graystorm! Cloudwatcher! Squirreltail! Stripedfur! Patchfeather!" the clan had cheered the newest warriors names. it had been one sunrise since the tornado, it hadn't done to much damage, the warriors den had lost a few branches from the large tree, but nothing more.

Patchfeather felt weird having all his clanmates cheer his name. he, Graystorm, Cloudwatcher, and Squirreltail stood at vigil at the entrance to the camp. Spottedpaw proud as if she herself had been made a warrior .

Whitepaw hadn't been as mad as he had thought, she toke it the other way in fact, she had welcomed Patchfeather to the clan by his new name and quickly padded away. Stripedfur had been surprised that she became a warrior.

the clan was fast asleep, and the warriors kept whispering to each other even though they wren't supposed to.

"I can't believe it," Graystorm had been saying. "I'm a real warrior." he tucked his tail over his paws and licked his nose, a proud look in his eyes, Cloudwatcher sat close to him there fur touching, he woundered if they were now mates.

he got dizzy. Above all times, why now? he saw, he couldn't believe it. teeth ripped through flesh, blood poured out of dying warriors, terror and pain in there eyes.

dark figures ran through the land covering everything, until nothing was left. saw Cloudwatcher fall to the ground with blood coming out of her throat, a ginger she-cat stood over her, she looked like a cat he new, then ran to another cat and fell in the darkness.

No! he crouched down at his sisters side her eyes sightless. he looked up to see a small short ginger tabby she-cat, who looked so much like Whitepaw, he thought it was her. he couldn't figure out who it was so he turned away.

Spottedpaw! he saw the tan spotted she-cat laying on the ground dead, a tall dappled she-cat standing over her, a evil grin on her face.

he ran away to see Whitepaw she looked a bit older, and starlight was glittering at her paws, and her eyes shone with them. Not you to Whitepaw, I may have acted like I hate you but I would never want this to happen to you, so soon... − −

Chapter Sixteen Edit

Whitepaw- no Whiteflower walk along side Spottedwing and Squirreltail, Patchfeather at the rear. Squirreltail was flirting with Spottedwing, she toke in every word, Squirreltail, proud of himself, as always.

Patchfeather walked loudly behind them. he had been acting strange since he had became a warrior, but after Stripedfur told him she was going to have his kits, he became pretty happy.

Whiteflower had been in a bad mood since this happened. Why? she thought. I should be happy for him, unless... am I jealous of this? what no! she couldn't be!

"Spottedwing." Whiteflower meowed. the she-cat didn't seem to hear her. her anger came back. "Spottedwing!" she snarled. Spottedwing snapped her head around to looked at her. "There's no need to yowl." she began

Whiteflower bite back a retort. "What?" Spottedwing asked calmly. "Can you please go to the CrystalClan border, alone." Whiteflower meowed as calm as she could at the moment. Spottedwing opened her jaws to argue, but shut them and went where she was told to go.

"Squirreltail, you go to Shimmering falls, and you," she sharped her voice pointing her muzzle at Patcfeather. "Go to the Singing hollow, I'm going to Shaded Rocks."

she headed there with a her head hurting. she tried to hunt but nothing worked, she flopped down on one of the shading rock and closed her eyes.

"Whiteflower?" Whiteflower noticed her mothers voice. "Hi Paleflower." Whiteflower replied. "shouldn't you be hunting?" she asked cocking her head to one side.

"I have to much on my mind right now." Whiteflower mewed. "Are you in love?" her mother asked. "What? what makes you think that?" Whiteflower asked.

"I did this same thing when I first started to like your father." Paleflower meowed, amusement in it. Is that what it is? love? Whiteflower sat in wounder. It is. her head dropped. "I guess so." Whiteflower meowed.

"Just go up and talk to him, and if not now, you will know when to." Paleflower meowed she sounded like a wise old cat. You will now when to the words echoed in her mind. "Thanks Paleflower." she mewed.

her mother nodded then started coughing. "Are you okay?" Whiteflowr asked, concerned. "I'm fine." Paleflower meowed roughly. "You don't sound fine, I'm taking you to Brownleaf." Whiteflower meowed.

and for the first time Paleflower looked weak and fell to the ground. "Paleflower!" her yowl echoed through the frosty forest. she ran to her mothers side, she wasn't awake.

"Paleflower!" she picked Paleflower up and began to carrier her back to camp.

on the way Spottedwing had heard her yowl and came to help her.

"She sure does have Whitecough." Brownleaf confirmed. to Whiteflower, Pikefang, and Quailfeather. "Its a bad case, she will get better though, tell me if any cats start coughing as soon as you hear." Brownleaf was meowing her voice stern.

"Okay." Whiteflower replied. Is she telling a lie? will Paleflower die? − −

Chapter Seventeen Edit

Spottedwing sat the medicine den entrance. Stripedfur had caught greencough from her mother Swallowflight, who had died just yesterday. this making Stripedfur worse, Spottedwing had decided to sit by her for the day.

Stripedfur was not yet plump from kits, but she was starting, her kits also making her weaker. "Do you want some fresh-kill?" Spottedwing asked the pale tabby. she shook her small head. "I'm not hungry." Stripedfur moved back a bit to cough.

"You don't have to be here, you can go hunting or something better then this, your going to get sick." Stripedfur rasped. "I asked Brownleaf herself if I could sit with you and she said yes, she gave me herbs so I won't get sick, and your my friend Stripedfur, I don't want anything bad to happen." Spottedwing squeaked.

"You are a good friend." Stripedfur purred. she stopped. "But I don't think i'm going to get through this." she said hollowly.

"Don't say that! of course you will, think about your kits." Spottedwing meowed. "I have, its all I think about, but it just seems to make me weaker..." her voice trailed off.

"Well, maybe some good fresher-kill will help, I'm going to go catch you something big, and I want to see you eat it, eat all of it." Spottedwing mewed. "Okay." Stripedfur started purring again.

Spottedwing headed through the forest until she spotted a large plump rabbit. she got ready to catch when, a flash of ginger fur hit the rabbit. "Squirreltail,"p she moaned. "I was going to catch it for Stripedfur."

"You can still give it to her." he mewed. "Thanks." she toke the rabbit and put some earth on it. Maybe I could catch more... she thought. "Spottedwing, I've been thinking, can we become mates?" Squirreltail finished a hopeful gleam in his eyes.

All ready? she thought surprised. "Yes!" Spottedwing ran up to Squirreltail, Stripedfur all but forgotten. she pushed her nose into his cheek ans licked it.

after a while hunting they toke a walk together. they heard paw steps and turned to see Rainstar. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"Well, we, a.. well.." she couldn't find the right words. "We're mates now!" Squirreltail mewed cheerfully. Spottedwing turned quickly to look him. his eyes showing now he new what was going on.

"What? No! I don't want you to become mates with this cat Spottedwing." he hissed his icy eyes fixed on Squirreltail. "What why?" Spottedwing squeaked.

"He couldn't save himself from twolegs, so he wouldn't be able to save you if something went wrong." he finished. "But-" she began.

"I forbid you to see this tom no more then patrol, and that's final!" Rainstar growled. "Fine." Spottedwing growled, whipping around she headed back for camp. it was nightfall when she stomped through the forest.

How could he! he never said anything before, but all of a sudden, now? she made it back to camp she heard wines from the medicine den. Stripedfur! she ran to the den to see Graystorm sitting with his paws laying on Stripedfur, Patchfeather sat a few paces behind, not making a sound, Palecloud who was also sick leaning on the she-cat, and Snowtail, Stripedfur's father.

the she-cat wasn't breathing, her eyes staring at nothing, her tail curled around her belly. Shes... shes dead, the kits are dead too, this is all my fault! guilt clawed at Spottedwing. If I hadn't been so dumb with Squirreltail, they would be alive right now... − −

Chapter Eighteen Edit

Four moons had past since Stripedfur had died. Patchfeather padded silently in the deep snow covered forest. he felt heart broken about his mate and kits. he stopped at the edge of shimmering falls, it was frozen, still glittering in the dusk light.

he lied his head down and dozed off for a while. "Patchfeather, what are you doing here?" he stumbled up and turned to see Whiteflower there. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I like the falls when they're frozen, you can walk on the water too." she meowed padding onto the thick frozen water. "Come on to it." she urged. "I don't know." he meowed looking closely at the water.

"Come on." she mewed. "No, I'm not going on cr- ah!" he stopped as Whiteflower suddenly ran onto land and pushed him on it. he tried to get up but slipped and hit his chin on the water. "Ow!" he yowled.

"Here I'll help you up." Whiteflower mewed running to him. "No!" he yowled as Whiteflower couldn't stop and fell and made him fall to the ice again.

"Woops." Whitflower climbed to her paws and yanked the fur on his neck to make him stand. "Thanks, I guess." Patchfeather mewed. "Lets make snow tunnels!" Whiteflower suddenly gasped and jumped into the snow until she was buried.

"I'm waiting." she chirped her voice muffled. Patchfeather padded quietly to the back of the tunnel entrance and waited for Whiteflower to poke her head out "Hey, were did you go?" she asked looking at the ice.

Patchfeather pounced on the back of her head. she hissed at the sudden attack. and they rolled around in the snow fighting.

after a while of playing they rested on on a flat rock which they pushed the snow off of. "I'm sorry about Stripedfur." Whiteflower meowed calmly. "Its fine, no one could save her." Patchfeather replied, heart heavy.

"A, well, there is another she-cat who likes you." she mewed quickly. his head laying on his paws, still didn't move it when he spoke. "Who?" he asked. she didn't say anything after waiting a few moments he lifted his head to look at her.

"Who?" he repeated. she didn't say anything. he looked at her face to see a bit of fear, hopefulness, and doubt.

"You." Patchfeather figure this out. − −

Chapter Nineteen Edit

Spottedwing walked through a greenleaf forest. she saw the the brown tabby ginger back spotted pelt of Leafwish waiting in a blossom full clearing.

"Hello Leafwish." Spottedwing greeted the StarClan cat. "Spottedwing, I have to tell you something I should have told you before..." Leafwish began. "What?" Spottedwing asked. "There is four to the prophecy." she said at last.

"What? why didn't you say anything before?" Spottedwing hissed. "I'm sorry, you, Whiteflower and Patchfeather were too young at the time to find him." Leafwish mewed. Spottedwing couldn't stay mad at this.

"Okay, who is it?" she asked. "Your mothers father." Leafwish meowed. "Nightpelt." Spottedwing sounded surprised.

"No, Nightpelt is not Willowleaf's father." Leafwish ducked down. "What who is?" Spottedwing sounded baffled. "Speak to Rosefur to learn more. Good-bye for now Spottedwing." Leafwish meowed fading away.

"Rosefur? may I speak with you?" Spottedwing asked the pinky ginger she-cat. "Sure."

"Outside of camp?" Spottedwing led the she-cat to a flat clearing. "Who's my mothers real father?" Spottedwing turned to her. "What? where did you come up with this?" Rosefur asked a bit of fear lighting her eyes. "A she-cat named Leafwish told me in a dream and i have to find him." Spottedwing finished.

Rosefur's head dropped. "I well, I'm not Willowleaf's mother." Rosefur meowed. "What?"

"Her mother was a kittypet named Frosty, she died and her father brought her and Funnelwhisker to me to take care of." she looked scared. "Are the rest of your kits not really yours?" Spottedwing asked.

"The rest are my real kits, but there father isn't Nightpelt." Rosefur answered getting lower to the snowy ground. "Who is it then, the father to Willowleaf, and the rest of your kits." Spottedwing growled. "B-Brackenstar." Rosefur squealed.

"What? your lieing!" Spottedwing snarled. "I'm not, I was living alone in the forest before you were born, only for a short time, and I thought I was never going to come back to the clans, he was a loner at the time, and so I toke him as a mate after he gave me Willowleaf and Funnelwhisker, and then I found out I was going to have his kits, then Nightpelt, who had been my mate before I left FrostClan, came to bring me back and me and Brackenstar broke up, and so I've said that Nightpelt was the father because I was too scared of FrostClan forcing me to leave again..." Rosefur's voice trailed off.

"Rosefur? is this true?" came a voice Spottedwing looked behind her to see Funnelwhisker there, her flame colored pelt fluffed up, grief in her eyes. "I'm sorry Funnelwhisker." Rosefur came up to the she-cat, Funnelwhisker pulled away.

"I'm leaving, I don't want to stay in a clan that I have no blood to." Funnelwhisker snapped. "Where are you going to go?" Rosefur asked fear in her eyes. "To IceClan." Funnelwhisker replied.

Rosefur looked a little calmer now. "Please, don't tell the whole clan and FrostClan." Rosefur mewed pleadingly. "I won't." Funnelwhisker meowed more cool now. "Good-bye Rosefur, and Spottediwng, make sure Willowleaf doesn't find out." she meowed to Spottedwing. "I won't." Spottedwing promised.

Funnelwhisker padded off. "You won't tell?" Rosefur asked. "No, I won't, I just needed to know who he was." Spottedwing meowed. − −

Chapter Twenty Edit

Whiteflower hobbled around the camp, Spottedwing had told them about the fourth cat, who was Brackenstar, Whiteflower couldn't come because she kept feeling strange kicks in her belly, she was scared she had a strange sickness.

she was pacing around the camp, waiting for Brownleaf to finish treating her sister Willowleaf. No they are half sisters. Whiteflower saw Pikefang going out for patrol. she looked so much like there mother Paleflower, the same short stubby legs, the same long fluffy fur. I miss her. she thought sadly as what she had thought was right and Paleflower did die of greencough, along with Palespots. If I have kits I will have one have flower at the end of the name, just as Paleflower's mother, Briarflower, had did with her, and how Paleflower did it with me.

Pikefang had been mad at Whiteflower for becoming mates with Patchfeather, she had been trying to stay away from Whiteflower since. Quailfeather had died in a battle. I only have Patchfeather now... she thought sadly.

"Whiteflower." Brownleaf called her over. a chill went down Whiteflower's spin as Brownleaf looked at her belly. she set her paws on it and grunted. "Good for you, your going to have kits!" Brownleaf mewed cheerfully.

"What?" Whiteflower asked in disbelieve and happiness. "You heard me." Brownleaf replied. "How long have I been?" Whiteflower asked. "About a moon, which means you have one more moon until they are born." Brownleaf said, pleased with this.

"You should move to the Nursery now. I'll have Flowerpetal make you a nest." Brownleaf mewed. Whiteflower padded out of the medicine den. I'm a mother! she thought happily. she went to the Nursery to see Flowerpetal putting fresh moss in the den.

her yellow fur covered in moss scraps. "Hello Flowerpetal." Whiteflower greeted the young she-cat. "Hi Whiteflower." Flowerpetal replied. "So I guess I won't see you training for a while huh?" Flowerpetal asked.

"Yep." Whiteflower thought of the Dark Forest with a chill. "Well i'm done with your nest. call me if you need anything." Flowerpetal waved her tail in farewell.

Whiteflower lied down alone in the den, worrying about Patchfeather and Spottedwing. − −

Chapter Twenty-One Edit

Spottedwing and Patchfeather were led by Funnelwhisker to Brackenstar. the cats of IceClan gathered around anger in some faces, others had fear. Brackenstar waited in his den, a small hazel with a fallen tree sitting on top of it covered in lichen.

"What are you doing here?" Brackenstar asked, anger in his eyes, and his claws stuck out, and Spottedwing could see the tips of his teeth sticking out of his mouth, long and sharp. Brackenstar had grown to be feared by many cats, he also had acted foul, so it was going to be hard to reason with him.

"I am Spottedwing, your daughter Willowleaf's kit, and Patchfeather your son Tigertooth's kit. we are all in a prophecy with four cats, me, Patchfeather, Whiteflower, and you. we need you to help us." Spottedwing finished.

Brackenstar didn't lighten up, his ginger tabby fur ruffled, and his green eyes now just annoyed. "Why should I?" he asked coolly. "The Dark Forest is going to destroy all the clans if you don't help." Spottedwing hissed. I'm going to guess his power is the same as my power. she thought annoyed.

"I don't care." Brackenstar growled laying down. "You have to!" Spottedwing hissed. "No I don't." he replied simply. Patchfeather leaned to her ear. "Don't worry, I think hes going to change his mind if we just leave." he whispered. "How do you know?" she asked whispering back.

"Duh." Patchfeather replied. "Oh." Spottedwing remembered his powers. "Okay, please just think about it, we are leaving." she meowed and turned away with Patchfeather. she heard Brackenstar snort something that Spottedwing didn't catch but she didn't care.

"Are you ready?" Funnelwhisker asked. "Yes." Patchfeather meowed. Funnelwhisker led them to the border. "Can you please try to get him to change his mind?" Patchfeather asked knowingly. "Of course I will." Funnelwhisker mewed.

"I have to get back now. safe trips." she meowed padding off. "Are you sure he will change his mind?" Spottedwing asked Patchfeather. "I know he will." − −

Chapter Twenty-Two Edit

A half moon had past and Brackenstar still hadn't changed his mind. Patchfeather lay beside Whiteflower in a sunny spot. "IceClan has crossed the border!" he heard Whitestripe yowl. "What?" asked Tinypaw now Tinyfoot the deputy, as Willowleaf had turned up dead a few days before.

her former apprentice, Flowerpetal ran up. "They're coming for the camp now!" she screeched. "Okay, the cats I chose to fight are, me, Flowerpetal, Mouseclaw, Patchfeather, Rosefur, Tigertooth, Pikefang, Spottedwing, and Copperwhisker."

"Let's go!" Tinyfoot led the cats out. they saw the figures of IceClan warriors moving through the undergrowth. they leaped out and attacked the IceClan cats by surprise. Patchfeather fought with Russetfoot. his orange tabby pelt already ranked with claw marks.

the small tom ran away to fight with Flowerpetal. Patchfeather saw Tigertooth on the ground, not moving. Patchfeather scurried up to him to see his eyes sightless. Hes dead. Patchfeather thought with grief and tried to get to Tinyfoot, but warriors kept leaping on him.

at last he made it to the deputy. "Tinyfoot!" he yowled so she could hear him. "What?" she asked. "TIgertooth is dead." Patchfeather hissed to her. her were full of anger. "Fight harder!" Tinyfoot yowled to her clanmates.

a gray she-cat swiped Patchfeather's muzzle. he grappled with her on the muddy ground. they rolled into a pile of slushy, muddy snow, it spattered in the she-cats eyes, Patchfeather easily kicked her of into a tree. "retreat! IceClan retreat!" came the voice of Funnelwhisker, now the deputy.

the cats of IceClan ran to her and disappeared to the border. Tinyfoot and Patchfeather carried Tigertooth back to camp were Cloudwatcher and Sunwhisker lied beside there father.

"Everyone, I have to say something," he heard Rosefur begin. "I'm leaving FrostClan." she meowed in a low voice. "What why?" Rainstar asked baffled. "I'm sorry I just..." she didn't even finish before running out of camp at full speed. "Rosefur!" Nightbreeze called to his mother.

"We have to get her!" Blackhawk, also Rosefur's son, yowled. "Okay, Tinyfoot you take, Nightbreeze, Patchfeather, Twistedtail, and Lilypetal." Rainstar meowed. "Okay, we start now!" Tinyfoot yowled leading the cats.

it was now dusk, and still no sigh of Rosefur. "Hey, I think I've got something!" Twistedtail called excitement in his voice. Tinyfoot padded over and sniffed the bramble he was standing next to. "That's Rosefur's scent alright, but a thunderpaths around here." Tinyfoot warned.

"Why did she leave in the first place?" Lilypetal asked, she looked eerily like Rosefur, that Patchfeather thought they could be mother and daughter. "I don't know." Twistedtail replied. they padded past some ferns to find the thunderpath just on the other side, the sky was dark orange making the thunderpath glow red.

trees bordered the path, with ferns and brambles over lapping it. Patchfeather heard a monster coming he looked at the path at a dark spot on it. Is that...? he asked himself.

he looked the other way to see the monster coming at a fast speed. he broke into a run on the thunderpath and grabbed the fur in his claw and pushed it aside. the monster pasted. "Patchfeather! what were you doing..." Tinyfoot stopped when she saw Rosefur.

Rosefur looked like she couldn't believe her eyes. Nightbreeze ran up to her. "Why did you leave?" he asked her. "I... don't know, just Tigertooth and Willowleaf." Rosefur meowed. "Please come back." Tinyfoot pleaded.

"Okay, I'm so sorry about what I did." she mewed. "It's fine." Tinyfoot led the way to camp. when in the clan was cheerful. they greeted Rosefur and he others back. Spottedwing sprinted up to him excited.

"What?" Patchfeather asked the tan speckled she-cat. "Whiteflower had her kits!" Spottedwing squealed. − −

Chapter Twenty-Three Edit

Whiteflower sat watching her kits, Oatkit, Primrosekit, and Curlkit. Oatkit looked just like Patchfeather but with Whiteflower's eyes. Primrosekit looked just like Whiteflower but was a tabby with ice blue eyes, and Curlkit was a tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.

Primrosekit fell to the ground, her legs still wobbly. Patchfeather hadn't spent a lot of time with the kits because his power wouldn't stop.

Whiteflower was not happy about this. He wanted kits, now he has them and won't even spend time with them! she thought anger rising in her belly.

Oatkit fell and scraped his paw on the ground and went over to Primrosekit as soon as he got up. she lied her paw on his leg and Oatkit happily bounced away, as if he had never gotten hurt. Kits make a big deal out of it if they get hurt, so why is he acting so good about it? she thought.

Whiteflower got up and ripped her paw pad open on a thorn. "Primrosekit, come here!" Whiteflower called the tabby she-kit and held her paw out. "Can you fix it?" she asked.

Pirmrosekit stared at the cut and put one paw on it, Whiteflower felt the pain go away. Primrosekit removed her paw and the cut was gone. "There you go!" she squealed and ran to her siblings.

She has my power! but why? Is she the fourth instead of Brackenstar? No, Leafwish wouldn't lie. "Flowerpetal, can you watch the kits?" she asked the she-cat. "Sure!" she mewed and started playing with them. Flowerpetal had a kind heart, why is she in the Dark Forest? she would be a good mother one day anyway.

Whiteflower left camp in search of Patchfeather. she found him hovering over a purple flower with a bee on it. "Patchfeather!" she yowled. he jumped at her voice and turned to look at her. "What?" he sounded like he didn't understand what was going on.

"Please, stop worrying about the future and focus on the kits." she meowed. "But... something's going to happen soon, something bad." Patchfeather mewed. "You can worry about that later. but right now you have to worry about the kits." she growled.

"I can't! whenever I try to do something else, my power starts to come back, I never wanted this, so please don't yowl." Patchfeather meowed. "You could try." Whiteflower hissed. "I have." Patchfeather replied. fury howled in Whiteflower's mind and her ears pounded. "Fine!" she snarled stumping away back to camp.

it was dusk and the kits were asleep in there nests. she flopped down beside them. she woke to the Dark Forest. Good. she thought for once. I can fight a cat to get rid of this anger.

she padded around until she found the cats. Dapplepelt saw her and padded up, a strange softness in her eyes. "I've seen your kits, they will make great fighters one day." You have? Whiteflower thought with a chill.

"Thank you." Whiteflower thanked the she-cat and padded off to sit next to Bravespirit, her ginger and brown pelt glowing green. Flowerpetal saw Whiteflower and padded to sit beside Whirlstripe on a twisted tree.

"There is a traitor among us!" she screeched. a stone formed in Whiteflower's belly. Who?

"Who is this cat Flowerpetal?" Whirlstripe asked. Flowerpetal gladly stood up and pointed her tail to Whiteflower, all eyes turned to her.

Bravepirit backed away from her leaving her opened for everyone to see. What? No! how did she find out? "She is a spy I over heard her talking with a cat named Spottedwing in our clan!" Flowerpetal yowled.

"Do you have anything to support this?" Dapplepelt asked a bit of regret in her eyes. Whirlstripe answered for Flowerpetal. "Yes, I was there." Whirlstripe sneered. Dapplepelt let her tail drop "Very well, let there be a fight to the death!" Dapplepelt yowled.

"Flowerpetal can fight Whiteflower." Whirlstripe commended. Flowerpetal leaped to the ground to face Whiteflower. You aren't Flowerpetal! she thought back to the kind loving she-cat and now looked at this she-cat a excited mad look on her face.

"Fight!" Whirlstripe yowled. Whiteflower started in a slow path around Flowerpetal, Flowerpetal doing the same. then Flowerpetal leaped for her, Whiteflower to late got hit in the side, the yellow she-cat surprisingly powerful.

Whiteflower kicked with her back legs and hit Flowerpetal's nose. she fell but quickly got back up. Whiteflower was still weak from kitting, so she wasn't fighting the best. Flowerpetal leaped for Whiteflower's throat, she past Whiteflower.

Whiteflower thought she had missed until she saw the gleam in Flowerpetal's eyes. she looked down already see a pool of blood dripping from her chest fur, the fur was meant to be white, but was a crimson red. she fell to the ground for the first time feeling the wound sting. blood came out of her mouth and she couldn't breath.

she looked to see Flowerpetal basking in her glory. Whiteflower let her head fall she couldn't hear anymore. I accept my fate... she thought to herself one last time, and everything went black. − −

Chapter Twenty-Four Edit

Spottedwing was guarding the camp for the night. the ground was speckled with dew and the the sky was just turning pale. she looked to the black part of the sky to see the stars. two were very bright. Maybe it's Tigertooth and Willowleaf. she thought to herself.

she suddenly heard screeching from the camp, she ran in, she always checked the Nursery first. she looked to see Oatkit and Curlkit backed away at the wall of the stone cave there eye wild with terror. she looked at Primrosekit, her head was down, she sat in front of Whiteflower, her eyes were dull.

blood pooled around Primrosekit's paws. she moved her head up to look at Spottedwing, her face sorrowful. "I tried to help, but it was to late..." the she-cat voice trailed off. "How did this happen?" Spottedwing asked through cold horror at the sight of her best friend.

at that moment cats crowded around the Nursery. half the clan was trying to get a look in the den. Brownleaf pushed her way past. her eyes wide when she saw Whiteflower. "What happened?" her meow shook.

the warriors calmed down outside and a few of them padded carefully in the den, horror in there eyes when they saw Whiteflower. Patchfeather was there too, he looked like he was in grief but didn't look surprised.

Pikefang stumbled in the den and screeched when she saw Whiteflower. she ran and put her face in her sisters cold fur. Lilypetal toke the kits away to the medicine den.

Pikefang looked at Spottedwing, cold rage in her eyes. "You did this!" she snarled. Mouseclaw peeked in the den but quickly turned away, he hated the sight of blood.

"No I didn't!" Spottedwing yowled in disbelieve. You were my friend... she thought sadly looking at Pikefang. Brownleaf padded up to Pikefang. "We don't know who did this, go and asked the kits if she really did it." Brownleaf meowed, then she looked like she had forgotten about something and ran quick to her den.

Pikefang, Patchfeather, and Sunwhisker began to move Whiteflower's body out of the den.

after a while they got Whiteflower ready to bury her. Snowtail, now an elder, toke her out along with Patchfeather, Pikefang, and Mouseclaw.

Brownleaf came out of the den. "I gave the kits theme." she meowed. "You didn't kill Whiteflower, they told me, but who did?" she asked. "I don't know, maybe a fox some how sneaked in..." Spottedwing meowed doubtful.

"Well if you think of anything, tell me." she suddenly looked fearful. "There are no more queens in camp." Brownleaf meowed with a defeated look.

"Isn't Lilypetal going to have kits? she could feed them." Spottedwing mewed. Brownleaf lighted. "Why did I forget that? well you should get some rest." Brownleaf meowed.

Spottedwing went to the warriors den, Whiteflower's death still heavy on her, then she thought, What's going to happen to the prophecy now? − −

Chapter Twenty-Five Edit

Primrosepaw bounced in to camp with her new mentor Whitestripe, she was going to be Whitetripe's last apprentice. her old mentor had been Sunspots, but he joined the elders den. they had just finished a days of work and were going to rest. "I'm going to go rest, you go do whatever." Whitestripe meowed tried.

Primrosepaw padded up to her father were he sat with Oatpaw laying beside him and Curlpaw showing them some move that Spottedwing showed her.

"How did you like your new mentor?" Patchfeather asked. "She's great." she mewed laying next to him. "Curlpaw! Oatpaw! I need your help!" she heard Flowersplash yowl for the two apprentices.

Spottedwing made her why over. Patchfeather got to his paws. "We have to talk to you." Spottedwing meowed leading them out of camp. they settled at a flat rock next to an oak tree. "What is it?" Primrosepaw asked.

"You can heal things that others can't." she confirmed. "So?" Primrosepaw mewed. "Your mother had the same power, her powers were passed down to you, there was a prophecy me, Whiteflower and Spottedwing were all in it, but it hadn't been full filled yet so you are the next one in the prophecy." Patchfeather meowed.

"Oh..." That explains a lot. but you can be replaced just like that? "Whats the prophecy supposed to fill in the first place?" she asked. "There is going to be a battle with the Dark Forest." Spottedwing mewed. "Our powers will help us and others. I'm stronger then most cats, so I can fight harder in the battle when it comes. Patchfeather also shares my power, but he can see glances into the future, and there is a fourth." Spottedwing meowed.

"Who?" Primrosepaw asked eagerly. "Brackenstar." Spottedwing meowed. "Brackenstar?" Primrosepaw asked. "Why?" Spottedwing swished the tip of her tail. "I don't know, it was just meant to be him." Spottedwing mewed. "Isn't he evil? Whats his power?" Primrosepaw kept asking. Spottedwing now beginning to get annoyed meowed.

"We don't know." "Do you know when the battles coming she turned her head to Patchfeather. "No but soon." he replied. − −

Chapter Twenty-Six Edit

Patchfeather led the patrol of Pikefang, Flowerpetal, and Blackhawk. they were at the IceClan border, when Blackhawk hissed. "there are strange scents." he roared.

"What? let me smell." Pikefang pushed the black and white tom out of the way. "It's fresh!" she mewed. it was the dusk petrol so it could have been a badger.

he heard a screech and turned to see a cat flying at them, many of them, they had black mist around there paws. The Dark Forest! They're attacking now! he saw Jaggedstorm his mottle brown and gray pelt leaping for Pikefang. Why didn't my power warn me?

teeth hit the bone in his hind leg and he turned to see Flowerpetal biting hard. he hissed with pain and kicked her away. screeching was all around them. he began to make a run for camp. a cat was hiding in a clump of bracken and leaped out at him.

Patchfeather kicked the cat aside and kept running. he made it he made it to see the camp gathered around the tree stump listening to Brownleaf, and just starting to depart. Graystorm ran up to him, his eyes wild, "The Dark Forest is attacking!" he screeched when cats flooded into camp.

Oatpaw flung himself on a small she-cat she-cat snarled and tried to bite him but Oatpaw stayed clear, biting her ears and digging his claws in her back.

Spottedwing ran out of camp he saw Primrosepaw hiding in the medicine den with Curlpaw slashing cats muzzles. he fallowed Spottedwing. "Where are you going?" he yowled, catching up. "I have to see if Brackenstar changed his mind!" she hissed.

They crossed the border to hear screeching cats and undergrowth moving. then just the cat they were looking for, Brackenstar came in front of them from being in a clump of ferns.

"I changed my mind, I want to help." he meowed with a wild look on his scared face. "What made you change-"

"That doesn't matter, are we doing this or what?" Brackenstar cut her off. "I'm going to go this way, you should go that way Patchfeather, and Brackenstar, go that way." she meowed pointing with her muzzle.

Brackenstar went were she had told him. Spottedwing went her own way, and Patchfeather was sent around the camp. a dark colored tom leaped out and battered his muzzle, he throw the tom aside and ripped his claws through the toms belly. blood poured out and he faded.

he stopped watching Cloudwatcher fight a pale ginger she-cat. Patchfeather began to make his way to help her when another cat leaped on him they rolled in the ground he swiped the cats neck and sent him reeling.

he looked back to see Cloudwatcher having a bad slash in her throat but the she-cat turned to look at him. Sunwihsker... − −

Chapter Twenty-Seven Edit

\ Spottedwing marched her way threw brambles. she jumped out to tackle a dusky brown tom. he bite into her leg she screeched and hit his ear with claws.

his ear bleed and he snarled ripped a tip of her ear off as well. pain blasted all over her face and she starting flailing her paws everywhere. the tom kept getting swipes to the face and didn't have the chance to get a clear strike himself, he backed away and ran.

she edged forward to a gray she-cat who was busying sniffing around and leaped for her, she ranked her face with her claws and the she-cat toke off. They act like they could fight forever and never be beatened, when half the time they run away in fear at the first swipe.

she looked where the she-cat had been sniffing and found a fluffy white ball of fur. A kit? she pulled it out of the grass. blood was spattered on the kits neck and two large holes bleeding were in its neck.

She picked the kit up and carried it to his clan, SnowClan by the smell. she stopped as she saw a she-cat with ranks in her side and limping badly looking around. she looked at Spottedwing. "Have you seen-" she cut off when she saw the tom kit in her jaws.

the she-cat let out a moan and toke the kit from her jaws. "Thank you for bringing him back, even though hes..." she trailed off.

Spottedwing heard more mewing in a bush, they were on a small grass trail with bushes edging the sides. the she-cat looked at the bush. "Go some place else, this isn't a good place for kits." Spottedwing told the she-cat.

she nodded burying her son, snuffling. she toke her last kit and ran away. she retreated to another area herself. she saw a tan dappled she-cat looking at her faint black mist was at her paws, she had a gleam in her eyes.

she leaped for Spottedwing, to late the she-cat pushed her over and started digging her claws in her flank. pain sneered Spottedwing and she forced a heavy blow to the she-cat muzzle. they stood on a open hill on one side had a slip that ended at a river. I have to be careful. she thought.

she ranked the she-cats muzzle and turned around as quick as a snake, kicked the she-cats face hard. the she-cats blue eyes blazed with anger. she leaped and ranked Spottedwing's side. a huge gash opened and Spottedwing screeched by the pain.

she fell to the ground and closed her eyes. No! I've lost... − −

Chapter Twenty-Eight Edit

Patchfeather looked at his dying sister to his live sister facing him, the blood of there sibling on her paws. "You...?" Patchfeather asked his voice cracked. "You what? her? oh please Patchfeather she was far to weak to live." Sunwhisker sneered.

"But above all cats you..?" Patchfeather repeated. She was the cat in my vision, I could have stopped it, but I was to dumb to think about it. he thought to himself grimly.

Sunwhisker lowered an ear. "You don't seem surprised." she meowed. "I'm not." Patchfeather growled. Sunwhisker toke a step forward.

"Will you join us, or fight us?" she asked, her eyes gleaming. rage built up in Patchfeather.

he leaped for her throat. she let out a screech of surprise and fell to the ground when his claws met her flesh. he jumped on her belly and began ripping clumps of ginger fur out.

she kicked his belly hard and sent him flying. he fell on his side and leaped to his paws and ranked her eyes.

she screeched. he reared up and slammed his paws down on her head. dazed Sunwhisker rolled limply over a little and Patchfeather lunged for her throat.

he sank his teeth into her neck she let out a painful noise and went limp. he padded over to Cloudwatcher who was shaking.

he saw a flash of pale ginger tabby fur and looked over to see Primrosepaw scrabbling over to Cloudwatcher. her gray fur turned black from blood.

"Please try to save her." he meowed to his daughter. she scampered closer and sat next to the gray tabby she-cat. she rested her paws on Cloudwatcher's throat and closed her eyes.

after two long moments she removed them to them to see the gaping wound again. "Why didn't it work?" he asked Primrosepaw worried.

"Some wounds are to deep for me to heal, Cloudwatcher can't be saved, I'm sorry." Primrosepaw meowed calmly.

Patchfeather blinked the sadness away from his eyes. She was too young and kind to die, her biggest wish was to have kits, but it's never going to come true. he thought to himself staring at Cloudwatcher's still body.

"We have to help the others." Primrosepaw meowed to him. he got to his paws and fallowed her, leaving the bodies of Sunwhisker and Cloudwatcher behind.

they got back to camp to see a few Dark Forest cats fleeing. the camp was all but empty besides his clanmates. his listened for the screeching of battle but heard nothing.

That's it? it's over? he asked himself. Brownleaf came out of her den with herbs, Primrosepaw came over to help her. − − he looked at all of his clanmates counting them. Nightbreeze, Blackhawk..., Spottedwing! where is she? he looked around the camp to see no sigh of his tan friend.

the bramble entrance rustled and he turned around to see Oatpaw and Graystorm holding the white pelt of Snowtail. Tinyfoot fallowed with a she-cat.

Patchfeather looked at the pelt in horror, Spottedwing, dried blood was around her neck and a little trickle of fresh blood came from her mouth and wound, Spottedwing was dead.

Tinyfoot dropped the she-cat grief in her eyes. "I was so mean to her when we were younger, I never said sorry, and now it's to late..." the deputy crouched on the ground next to Spottedwing's brown ears.

"I'm so sorry." Tinyfoot mewed in a small sad voice. Patchfeather lowered himself to the ground and looked at Spottedwing.

he remembered him, Spottedwing and Whiteflower together in there little group. I'm the only one left from it now. he thought sadly.

he got to his paws and looked at Primrosepaw, no wounds were on her, he spotted Oatpaw and Curlpaw looking for Lilypetal's kits.

then Squirreltail walked in the camp with Rainstar in his jaws. he dropped the silver and white tom. "He's dead." Squirreltail stated and then his eyes rested on Spottedwing.

he let out a wail of grief and pressed himself in her pelt. Tinyfoot stared at Rainstar.

"No!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "I'm not ready yet!" Tinyfoot wailed. Patchfeather padded over to the short-furred she-cat.

"Tinyfoot," Patchfeather tried to meow but she kept breathing to much. "Hey, things are going to be okay, you're ready." he stopped her.

she looked at him and climbed on to the tall tree stump. "All cats gather for a clan meeting!" she let her voice fill the camp the grieving cats gathered. "I am now the leader of FrostClan, I would like to name my deputy now before anything else happens."

"I say these words before StarClan, so that the spirits our fallen may hear and approve of my choice. the new deputy of FrostClan is Patchfeather. if you take it, will you?" Tinyfoot asked hope in her eyes.

"I am honored to be." Patchfeather meowed. "Patchfeather!" the clan cheered the new deputy's name then went back to there fallen.

"I am going to leave to get my nine lives, I hope you will watch them as I'm gone?" Tinyfoot half joked. "Tinyfoot, I've left Primrosepaw in charge of the wounds, I will come with you to the bright stone." Brownleaf meowed leading the way out of camp.

"Hello." Patchfeather heard a voice and turned to see the sea green eyes of Whiteflower and the forest eyes of Spottedwing. they were bright and frosty with starry mist around there paws and star light in there eyes.

"It's so good to see you again." he mewed pressing his muzzle to his deceased mates. he turned to Spottedwing. "I'm so sorry what happened to you." he meowed in a low voice.

"It's fine." she muttered cheerfully. "All that matters is that we won." Whiteflower meowed calmly her gaze rested on her three kits. "Take good care of them, along with the clan." she meowed touching her muzzle to his her eyes full of love.

"Good luck my love, you'll need it." she whispered and she and Spottedwing faded to nothing. he looked at his clan.

I will I promise.

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