Blazestar- Flame colored tom


Rockfire- Gray tom

Medicine cat

Streamtail- Gray she cat


Treeheart- Ginger and white she cat

Dustcloud- Dust colored she cat

Flametail- Flame colored tom

Pinefeather- Gray she cat

Mountainsong- White she cat

Wolfblaze- Black tom

Leapstrike- White she cat

Nightflame- Black she cat


Echopaw- Gray she cat

Galaxypaw- Black and white she cat


Tumblekit- White tom kit

Softkit- Gray she kit



Cloudstar- white tom


Raincloud- Gray she cat


Ivycloud- Gray she cat

Cliffpelt- Flame colored tom

Fireflame- Flame colored tom

Echofur- Gray she cat

Skyheart- Black and white she cat

Eclipseleaf- Black she cat

Runningwind- Ginger and white she cat


Herbpaw- White she cat

Mintpaw- Black she cat


Treekit- Black and white she kit

Puddlekit- Gray she kit

Rockkit- Gray tom kit



Laststar- Black she cat


Fadepelt- White tom


Crushwhisker- White tom

Colorsky- Black and gray she cat

Mintnose- Black she cat

Shadeflame- Black and white tom

Fallpelt- Tortiseshell she cat

Tawnyflame- Flame colored she cat

Littlestep- Little she cat that looks like Longtail

Nightshade- Black she cat


Hopepaw- Black she cat

Floatpaw- White she cat


Mintkit- White she kit

Yellowkit- Black she kit

Spottedkit- Tortiseshell she kit



Streamstar- Siamese she cat


Silvertail- Silver she cat


Sleepshade- Black she cat

Bluepelt- Gray she cat

Pinefang- Brown tom

Rockstream- Gray she cat

Laststep- White she cat

Natureflare- Tortiseshell she cat

Circlefang- White tom

Cloudshade- Black and white she cat

Visionpelt- White tom


Waterpaw- Gray she cat

Tanglepaw- Brown she cat


Boilkit- Flame colored she kit

Scratchkit- Flame colored tom kit

Herbkit- Black she kit


Blazestar looked into the distance. The only thing he could see was the dead of night. "Rockfire!" He yowled. The gray tom was nowhere in sight. A black shadow of a cat seemed to come toward him. "Sleepshade, get off our territory!" He yowled. "So you think I will?" She replied. "Battle me." She said. "What for?" Blazestar asked. "The territory." She purred. "Fine." Replied Blazestar. He leaped onto Sleepshade, clawing her. He pinned her. But, before he could bite her, she clawed him in the face! He fell backwards. He got back up and bit her. Sleepshade pounced on him, but he dodged. He clawed Sleepshade`s eye. "Blazestar!" She yowled. "Get a good look at this!" She clawed him and bit him at the same time! But Blazestar did it back. She fled into the night. "My territory!" He yowled. Streamtail came into the distance. "Let me heal your wounds." She said. "How did you know I was battling?" He asked. "We were watching." She replied. "You mean you set this up with Sleepshade?" He asked. "Yep!" She replied. And with that, she turned into the woods, Blazestar behind her. "You did great." Purred Streamtail. "I was formely a warrior." He meowed. "That doesn't mean I don`t have fighting skills anymore." He said.

Chapter oneEdit

Blazestar found himself in the medicine cat den, his wounds being treated. "Blazestar." Purred Streamtail. "You are free to go!" She said proudly. He saw cobwebs on his bloody wounds, it felt weird where they were. "There you are!" Mewed Rockfire happily. Tumblekit and Softkit ran out of the nursery. "Those two kits are both 6 moons." He said. "But I`m not sure they want to become apprentices." He meowed. "All kits want to become apprentices!" Meowed Blazestar. "Well, I`m not sure these two." Replied Rockfire. "They will become apprentices now matter what!" Said Blazestar firmly. "They have to!" He mewed. Rockfire turned and walked away. Treeheart walked to the fresh kill pile. She picked out a vole and dissapered into the warriors` den. "Life of a warrior cat." He sighed. He sat on the Highrock, overlooking his camp. "I`m so proud." He mewed to himself. As a warrior his name had been Blazetail, but now he is Blazestar, leader of ThunderClan. Pinefeather walked to Blazestar. "Yes Pinefeather." Mewed Blazestar calmly. "The fire of four is coming." He meowed. "What is the fire of four?" Asked Blazestar. "The fire of four is a prophecy." He said. "Where did you get the message, when?" Ventured Blazestar. "In a dream a few minutes ago." Said Pinefeather. "It was from our former leader, Patchstar." Said Pinefeather. "And its coming soon." Said Pinefeather. With that, he walked off into the distance. Blazestar kept reapeting it in his mind. It was hard to remember! Days passed. Soon he got the message. "Blazestar." Said Paatchstar. "I need to warn you, the fire of four is coming." She said. "What is the fire of four?" Asked Blazestar. "Find out soon enough." She said. She faded into a bunch of pretty stars. She was gone. Blazestar woke in his den. Not even the first trace of dawn was in the sky. "The fire of four." He said.

Chapter twoEdit

Treeheart rushed through the grass. She came to a halt, she saw Raincloud. "What are you doing in our territory?" She hissed. "You mousebrain!" She said. "As you all know this is our territory!" She meowed. "This is territory for ThunderClan, and ThunderClan only!" She yowled! Blazestar heard the yowl, he rushed to the rescue. Treeheart looked at him. "I can handle this!" She said. She leaped onto Raincloud. Raincloud hissed, but did nothing. Treeheart leaped gracefully into the air, she landed on Raincloud and clawed her, Raincloud fled. "What were you thinking!?" Hissed Blazestar. "I needed to handle that myself!" Said Blazestar firmly. Rockfire came toward him. "Why are you two down here?" He asked. Blazestar looked at Rockfire, "get out of the way." He said. "Ok..." Said Rockfire. Rockfire leaped swiftly out of the way. "Thanks." Mumbled Blazestar. Blazestar dissapered into a jumble of trees. The two cats walked into the camp. "Your back!" Meowed Streamtail happily. "I am back." Mumbled Blazestar. He went into the leaders den and slept. He was awoke the next morning by Rockfire. "What Rockfire?" Asked Blazestar. "There is an attack!" Said Rockfire. Rockfire showed Blazestar where the battle had begun. Blazestar charged into battle right away. It was with RiverClan. Blazestar bit and scratched Streamstar at the same time. She fell to the ground. Blazestar moved onto his next victim. He pounced on Silvertail, she yowled in pain as Blazestar sank his teeth into her throat. She layed limp.

Chapter threeEdit

Rockfire battled Sleepshade. She fell to the ground. Were winning! Blazestar thought. "RiverClan, retreat!" He heard Streamstar say. ThunderClan had won! Sleepshade, Silvertail, Pinefang, and Natureflare had been killed. Blazestar led his Clan to the camp. They had to sit vigil for Dustcloud. "He has fought bravely." Said Blazestar sadly. They soon got back to camp. "I need Echopaw and Galaxypaw!" Said Blazestar. The two apprentices walked up to the Highrock. "Do you promise to fight for your Clan and protect it even at the cost of your lives?" He asked. "I do." They both replied. "Then by the power of StarClan, I give you your warrior names, Galaxyleaf, and Echostripe." He said. "Galaxyleaf! Echostripe!" Everyone cheered. They stayed up all night, keeping vigil for the newly made warriors, and Dustcloud. The next moring, all was calm. Streamtail treated the cats` wounds. Softkit and Tumblekit ran out of the nursery. "I need Softkit and Tumblekit!" Said Blazestar. They came onto the Highrock. "Softkit, you are now Softpaw." Said Blazestar. "And you are now Tumblepaw." Said Blazestar. "Softpaw, your mentor is Galaxyleaf." Said Blazestar. "Tumblepaw, yours is Echostripe." Said Blazestar. "Yay!" The new apprentices yowled. Apprentices thought Blazestar. He purred in satisfaction. The night passed, everyone was asleep in their dens. Blazestar padded into his den. "I have to get some rest." He mumbled to himself. Rockfire was already inside. Blazestar curled up in his nest.

Chapter fourEdit

The next morning, he awoke in his den. "Kits are having birth!" Rockfire yowled into Blazestar`s ear. Blazestar rushed into the nursery, Moutainsong was there with 4 new kits. "I`ll name this one Rosekit." she said. She nudged the tortoiseshell she kit. "And this one Wingkit." she nudged the gray she kit. "And this one Fangkit." she nudged the other gray she kit. "And Eclipsekit." she nudged the blue gray she kit. The cats left only Streamtail there to help Mountainsong. He realized he had completely forgotten about the fire of four! He prepared in his den, he sat watching the stars. "StarClan, come to me." he said. A starry cat appeared. Patchstar! he thought. "Oh Blazestar." she said. "The fire of four isn`t coming yet." she said. "I thought it was coming soon!" he said. "Its been days since you told me that!" he said. "That`s true." said Patchstar. "I thought you said it was coming soon!" he said. Blazestar charged right into the starry cat. She dodged. "Oh so close." she purred. The starry cat dissapered. "I need revenge!" he yowled. Blazestar charged through the forest. i can`t control myself! he thought. He clawed a tree, he realized he was dreaming. "Was that the fire of four?" he asked. "If it is, then I don`t want that prophecy." he said to himself. He padded through the forest. "The tree I clawed in my dream!" he realized. "It has clawmarks on it!" he meowed loudly. Its just a rouge. he thought.

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