This is about one of my roleplay cats who I love so much, enjoy ~

Prologue Edit

I am called the worst cat to ever walk the earth, murderer, evil, monster.... Oh it doesn't really hurt anymore, I don't feel hurt that much anymore,'cause I mean being called a blood thirsty monster is way better then being called a..... uh.....

Anyway.... everyone thinks I was just a crazy insane cat, yeah, insane is a beautiful word! I mean it's just plain awesome! I get lost a lot in thought as you see.... ANYWAY, I love my family, all of them, I killed Whispheart and Creekfrost in a somewhat cold blooded way, yes, yes it was indeed cold blooded, I also tried to rip my nephews throat out... HAHA Ok, moving on.

So for those stupids out there who have no idea who is talking, this is Talonfang, oh and don't freak out that you can hear me but you can't see me.

Everyone has their story, I have mine, here it is.

Chapter 1 Edit

I've always heard the voices whispering in my ears like a calm stream swishing past reeds. But they never bothered me. So we'll learn more about that later....

My older siblings, Whisppaw and Flightpaw have just became apprentices. Me and my brother, Creekkit decided to run outside camp because I said so. Who do those warriors think they are? locking us in there all day, all night... makes your head spin and want to blow up, seeing the same old faces... listening to the same old boring elder story.... why should I listen? it's far better outside, breaking the rules.

I glance over my shoulder every so often to make sure my pitiful brother is keeping up. He was born quite weak so I decided to take care of him since my other siblings seem to only care for themselves. Creekkit is a strange little goblin.... but he's my goblin.

"Can we rest for just a moment?" I hear him manage to gasp, he was clearly trying to look more tired then he was so I could let him sniff his face into a fox den. "No, and don't start calling me bossy, think about it, me or Whisppaw," I puff out my chest and walk with my head high and I hear Creekkit mumble and snort behind me.

After awhile with me leading, nearly leading us over a cliff or two, finding a leaf, in the forest, I mean, I was in utter shock after seeing that. But I soon get lazy and fall down. Creekkit lies down onto my head. I don't stop him from biting my ears.

"I'm hungry," Creekkit began to complain loudly. I moan. "What do you want? can't you eat moss?" I ask. "No..." Creekkit mumbled. He knows I'll hunt for him so he's trying to seem even more pitiful for extra food.

More Coming Soon...

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