"I never trusted her anyway."

Talon after he kills Star in A Dark Secret, prologue

History Edit

Talon is first seen when he is crouched at the border that ShellClan shares with Twolegplace. As Star and Hawk arrive, he stands and asks if they have found ShellClan's camp. With her head bowed, Star admits that they have not. Talon lashes out at Star, slicing the she-cat's nose, and demands why she had not used her nose. Star begins to protest that the camp was well-hidden, when Hawk supports Talon, telling Star that it was not a good idea to disobey Talon. Star protests that she did her best, and declares that she will no longer work for Talon. She announces that she will find ShellClan and tell them all of Talon's plans, and that his clever plot will be reduced to crowfood. To Star's surprise, Talon dips his head and permits her to leave, and that he wasn't stopping her. Without hesitating, he leaps at Star and sinks his teeth into her throat, killing her. Talon hisses that Star made a grave mistake when she said that, and he lets her body go. With a growl, he kicks the body scornfully, saying that he never trusted her anyway.

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