"Where's Flutterkit? I promised I'd play moss-ball with her later."

Sunkit to Hazelshine at Flutterkit's death in ​Poison

Sunpaw is a slim, handsome golden tabby tom with brown eyes.


Sunkit is introduced to Ginger by his mother, Rainsong, when Fernstar is showing the kittypet around. At Willowsplash's warrior ceremony, he and his siblings are eager to watch. When his sister Flutterkit dies, he doesn't realize it and insists on seeing her. Finally Oakshade pulls him to the nursery. At his apprentice ceremony, he is named Sunpaw and apprenticed to Patchfoot. He is the saddest when his dead sister is brought up. Gingerheart often helps Willowsplash with training Brightpaw, so she helps him frequently and he listens with determination. In the rogue battle, he is eager to participate and when a rogue attacks Brightpaw, he and Morningpaw claw him nearly to death. 


Mother: Rainsong

Sisters: Flutterkit, Thistlepaw, Brightpaw.