• I originally had no idea what the Starfire would be. The shooting star on the cover was mainly ornamental, but maybe Graytail thought that it was the Starfire.
  • Graytail died of greencough shortly after Dawnflame became deputy.
  • Dawnkit and Fernkit became Dawnflame and Fernleaf.
  • The dog is a brindled mastiff.
  • At first, Dawnkit was Sunkit, but there was already Sunflower. Then she became Dawnkit, but one of Sunflower's kits was named Dawnkit. Sunflower's Dawnkit was renamed Birdkit instead.
  • The cat on the cover is Bluekit.
  • Graytail's appearance was inspired by my cat, Lovie.
  • I originally wrote Sapphiregaze as Sandstorm, but worried too much about copyright infringement and changed her [Sandstorm] to an OC. I decided that writing Sapphiregaze as old and faded would better depict how far after the Clans in the books that the story took place. And hey, you got a personality replica of Sandstorm now.

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