StarClan Chatroom (Part 1)Edit

Yellowfang has joined chat.

Firestar has joined chat.

Flametail has joined chat.

Yellowfang: *forgets what to say*

Yellowfang has left chat.

Firestar: *_*

Flametail: so... how are you, Firestar?

Firestar: WHY DO YOU CARE?

Flametail: D: 

Flametail has left chat.

Bluestar, Raggedstar, Leopardstar, Stonefur and Tallstar have joined chat.

Firestar: holy bejeebus.

Bluestar and Raggedstar: what?

Tallstar: what is the matter, sweetie?

Firestar: FTW???

Stonefur: *unzips fur to reveal Jimmy Fallon*

Firestar: *O*

Bluestar and Tallstar: *unzips fur to reveal Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg, respectively*

Jimmy Fallon: *unzips to reveal Bob the Plumber*

Firestar: WHAT THE ____ IS GOING ON?

Justin Bieber and Leopardstar: oh nothing we cant handle. MWAHAHAHAHA

Snoop Dogg: *puts Tallstar's fur back on*

Bob the Plumber: *puts Stonefur's fur back on*

Firestar has left chat.

( Stonefur, Bluestar and Tallstar chase after Firestar )

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