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Image thanks to Patchfeather.

Kind Tortoiseshell
Sex Female
Occupation Leader
Eyes Chocolate Brown
Coat Tortoiseshell-and-White
Owner ~Spottedwing~
Spottedwing is a small, sleek, furry, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with ginger and black patches down her back, a white chest, underbelly, and paws, and pale chocolate-brown eyes.

History Edit

In Split Loyalties Edit

Spottedwing was born to Silversong as Spottedkit, along with her sisters, Dapplekit and Brownkit. She tries asking why Dapplekit and Brownkit are asleep, but interupts Sliversong. Silversong has edge when replying, so Spottedkit asked why she's mad. Silversong snapped back she wasn't and Spottedkit claimed she was sorry and dashed out of the Nursery.

Family Edit


Silversong (Decreased; Verified StarClan member)


Icefang (Living; As of Sweet Honey)


Dapplefur (Decreased; Verified StarClan member)
Brownfur (Living; As of Sweet Honey)


Leopardfire (Living; As of Sweet Honey)


Honeysplash (Living; As of Sweet Honey)
Brindleleaf (Living; As of Sweet Honey)


Fernfang (Living; As of Sweet Honey)


Splashheart (Decreased; Suspected StarClan member)
Stormflight (Decreased; Verified StarClan member)


Snowclaw (Decreased; Suspected StarClan member)
Ripplestream (Decreased; Verified StarClan member)


Duskshadow (Decreased; Verified Dark Forest Member)
Echostar (Decreased; Status Unknown)


Shadeslash (Decreased; Verified Dark Forest Member)
Larchfur (Decreased; Status Unknown)


Lavender (Decreased; Status Unknown)


Stonefang (Decreased; Status Unknown)


Sweetpaw (Decreased; Status Unknown)
Larkpaw (Decreased; Status Unknown)

Education Edit

Mentor: Snowsplash

Apprentices: Leopardfire

Names Edit

Kit: Spottedkit

Apprentice: Spottedpaw

Warrior: Spottedwing

Deputy: Spottedwing

Leader: Spottedstar

Affiliations Edit

Current: ForestClan

Past: None

Age Edit

Age: Approx. 84 moons (7 years) at death

Post Death Edit

Residence: StarClan

Appearances Edit

Living: Split Loyalties, Sweet Honey, Separated

Dead: A New Start

Personality Edit

Kind, sorta shy, generous, stubborn, not easily convinced, clever, brave, and wise.

Trivia Edit

  • Spottedwing's original name was Spottedtail.
  • Spottedwing has SunClan blood, because her father, Icefang, is son of Duskshadow's daughter.

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