"Don't you dare..."

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Spottedgorse is a beautiful tortoiseshell shecat with clear crystal Amber eyes, massive wide paws, a white face, a smooth kit-soft muzzle, and part of her tail is missing. 


Spottedgorse was born to Milkfrost and Blackface. Her father died shortly after she was born and Milkfrost died right after she became an apprentice. When she became a warrior with the name, Spottedgorse, she took a mate, Frosthare and had five kits, Russetspeck, Breezefall, Stormstrike, Flameblaze, and Spottedpaw. 



Mother Milkfrost
Father Blackface
Siblings Unknown
Mate Frosthare
Kits Russetspeck, Breezefall, Stormstrike, and Flameblaze

Mate: Frosthare

Kits: Russetspeck, Breezefall, Stormstrike, Flameblaze, Spottedpaw (deceased)

Mother: Milkfrost

Father: Blackface

Sister: Honeyleaf

Brothers: Tigertree, Willowwhisker (deceased)


Current: WaterClan

Past: Rogue

Names: Spottedkit, Spottedpaw, Spotteh, Spottedgorse