"It's just... I lived a life without a father and most of it without a proper mother... I want only the best for Featherpaw."

Sorrelbreeze to Pearshade in Exile

Sorrelbreeze is a small tortoiseshell she-cat with large amber eyes and soft fur.

Appearances Edit

Living: Rogue, Exile

Deceased: Exile

Cause of Death Edit


Family Edit

Mate: Runningleaf

Kit: Featherstar

Mother: Icefern

Father: Sandhawk

Grandmothers: Swiftstorm, Briarstar

Grandfathers: Lionwhisker, Graymouse

Aunts: Goldenheart, Yellowfern, Poppynose, Cherrydapple

Uncles: Embergorse

Great-uncle: Oakstar

Cousins: Snowpaw, Sagepaw, Pebblefur, Pearshade, Bluepaw, and Finchflight

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