This story was made by Blueleaf but the idea was originated by Gingerheart.

Chapter 1: Friends And Fun Edit

The slight ray of sunshine was blurred as it shone through the trees. The grass was covered in frost and icicles were forming. Small snowflakes fell down as three kits batted at them.

"I caught one on my tongue!" a ginger she-cat boasted. "It's easy to do that. Besides, are you a twoleg or a cat? Oh, and you know it just melts, right?" a gray tabby she cat with blue eyes teased. "Let's go and get Honeykit and Waterkit!" another ginger she-cat said. "Good idea Songkit!" said the gray tabby she-cat as she dashed away to find the kits. "Wait for us!" the other ginger she-cat said.

When the ginger she-cats finally caught up with the gray tabby, one ginger she-cat was panting. "You okay there Flowerkit?" the tabby asked. Flowerkit gave a playful hiss as she batted at her sister, claws sheathed.

Songkit purred at seeing her sisters play fight, though, she was never the one to participate in these play fights. She would rather groom her fur and spend time with toms then play fight.

Finally, Honeykit and Waterkit appeared out of nowhere. "You called us?" Waterkit said politely. Honeykit looked at the two she-cats play fighting and slightly curled her lip in disgust, thought, she was a kind person so she tried not to.

"Songkit! Do you want to go see Boulderkit, Shadekit, Rockkit, and Cavekit, and Dawnkit?" she mewed. Songkit nodded her head eagerly.

I'm lucky to have so many kits to play with.

The three glamorous she-cats walked over to the 4 toms and lone she-cat.

"Hello Boulderkit." Waterkit mewed, smooth as sweet honey. She blinked her long lashes at the gray tom. The gray tom stared at her for a brief moment. Then, he chuckled. "Alright, you got me." he confessed finally.

Waterkit gently threw snowballs at the handsome tom. She giggled as the tom rolled over, trying to dodge snowballs.

"Toms against she-cats!" Shadekit meowed at once as he, Rockkit, and Cavekit joined in a helped Boulderkit. The she-cats joined Waterkit.

The she-cats made a small wall out of snow. The toms did as well.

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