"Why did you kill him? I was his mate! I loved him! And you've torn it all away from me!"

Shred to Fernstar when she killed Talon in Poison

Shred is a wiry, dark gray dappled she-cat with half a tail, a scar over her left eye, and green eyes.


She is mentioned, though not by name, when Ginger sees her grinning as Talon and Gray attack her mercilessly. She is seen again during the fight, when Gingerheart battles against her. Gingerheart narrowly wins, and when Shred comes back after the battle to see Talon, she is horrified at his death and angrily accuses Fernstar of killing him. She then turns to Ginger, and tells her that it was she who killed Bandit. She attempts to run off after the remainder of the group, but Gingerheart is so enraged that she once again attacks Shred, this time biting her throat and killing her.


Mate: Talon