PineClan Edit

Leader: Queen Hawk - brown and snow white tabby she-cat
Deputy: Gray - gray and white splashed tom
Medicine Cat: Marigold - tortoiseshell she-cat
Warriors: Rumble - brown and gray spotted tom

Eel - grizzled brown tom

Needle - ginger tabby she-cat

Dazzling - spotted silver she-cat

Inferno - reddish tom

Gold - golden tabby she-cat

Lichen - gray tom with darker points

Apprentices: Bat - black she-cat with large ears (mentor Dazzling, warrior apprentice)

Dare - tortoiseshell she-cat (mentor Gold, Magic apprentice)

Queens: Heather - gray she-cat
Kits: Kitnames
Elders: Eldernames

CavernClan Edit

Leader: Queen Frost - gray and white she-cat
Deputy: Fate - white she-cat
Medicine Cat: Twig - brown tabby she-cat
Warriors: Holly - black and white she-cat

Rubble - gray spotted tom

Blue - blue gray tom

Dew - black tom with a white spot on his nose

Sand - tan tom

Apprentices: Walnut - brown tabby tom. (mentor Twig, Life-giver apprentice)

Glory - pale tortoiseshell she-cat (mentor Twig, Life-giver apprentice)

White - white tom (mentor Blue, warrior apprentice)

Queens: Willow - gray she-cat
Kits: Juniper - ticked red tom
Elders: Gorse - brown tom

Viper - gray and white she-cat

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