Shadowtail is a black she-cat with blue eyes.


She is nice, sweet, and caring. She is a medicine cat, so that`s obvious.

History: A Little StoryEdit

"Help!" Cried Shadow as she was carried by a dog. Cats raced after the dog. Everything went black. Shadow woke up surrounded by unfamiler cats. "Welcome to NightClan," purred a voice. Shadow felt welcomed. "Would you like to join?" Said the same voice. "Yes," replied Shadow as she got to her paws.

"From now on you are Shadowtail."



Rank: Medicine cat

Gender: Female

Roleplayer: Shadow


Mother: Snow (Deceased)

Dad: Flame (Deceased)

Sister: Sky (Unknown)

Brother: Blaze (Unknown)

Grandmother: Soft (Deceased)

Grandfather: Log (Deceased)

Half-Sister: Leaf (Unknown)

Half-Brother: Bramble (Unknown)


  • She will be in Shadow`s next story.
  • She was a former rouge
  • Her niece is unknown


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