"If this is your destiny, then it is mine too. I will stay with you, your my younger brother, mine and Stonepaw's job is too protect you, and if Stonepaw won't, then that means I have twice the job."~Shadepaw to Firepaw in Firepaws choice Shadewhisker is an orange and white tom with green eyes. He is the second of Waterfeather and Silverbreeze's three children. His older brother is Stoneripple, his younger brother is Firestorm.

History Edit

Coming Soon


Mother: Waterfeather

Father: Silverbreeze

Older brother: Stonepaw

Younger brother: Firepaw

Mate: Thornpaw

Clan: RiverClan (bron and raised in) WindClan (His fathers Clan)

Friends: Rabbitclaw, Thronpaw, Firepaw, Stonepaw, Wolfpaw, and Silverpaw.

Personality Edit

Smart, playful, friendly, loyal, bossy, protective, lazy, kind, happy-go-lucky.

Appearance Edit

orange tabby tom with brown eyes and white paws.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is based off of Wolf's cat Shade
  • His personality is based of Fiyero from Wicked
  • He is scared of water after falling into the river.

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