Scars Edit

Chapter 1: The Battle Edit

Holly was dying. And she knew it. She and her small band of 5 rogues were battling wolves. She was splattered with blood. She was now gasping for breath on the ground, and she felt blood trickle out of the gash on her belly and throat. Then, she heard the wolves howl and could hear them run away, howling. 4 cats ran up to her, screeching and then, everything faded away into, well, simply, nothing.

Holly blinked her eyes open. Everything was blurry, but she could just about make out the shape of cats standing over her.

"She's awake!"


"But my daughter! She's been scared for life!"

Holly blinked again and realized that one eye was closed and swollen. "What's happened to me?" Holly whispered shakily. Holly heard a cat wail, and realized it was her mother. She could just about make out a tear trickling out of her mother's eyes. Then, Holly finally realized that she was aching from nose to tail. She looked down at herself and saw that she was covered in herbs. The cats were all looking at her, feeling bad for her.

More coming soon. . . . ~Blueleaf~