"You always loved her best, didn't you?"

Runningfrost to Icespots in Bittersweet.

Runningfrost is a silver she-cat with white patches and beautiful, light blue eyes. Her shoulders are broad but her paws are delicate.

Mother Lavenderheart (real), Shineleaf (foster)
Father Pheasantstar
Siblings Kindlingflight (sister), Greyclaw (foster brother), Marigoldpaw (foster sister)
Mate Icespots
Kits Turtleheart (daughter), Mottlepelt (son)


Runningfrost is kind and strong, however her heart is easily broken, especially since what happened with Icespots (in real life). She is fun-loving but is loyal to her Clan (CaveClan) and the Warrior Code. She would never break the code. When she gets angry, she may act salty, grumpy, frustrated, and she'll lash out and yell a lot. Now that I think about it, she gets angry a lot, especially by the littlest things. She's secretive and happy, and does not judge books by their cover. She still loves Icespots, after everything that happened between them.


  • Runningfrost, like all my OCs, is based off myself and carries some of my personality traits
  • Icespots is based off my crush
  • Pretty much everyone in Runningfrost's Clan are based off my classmates
  • She had a mild case of depression when Icespots broke her heart, only Leaffire (my best friend) could snap her out of it
  • Since she is one of my main OCs, Cleverpelt is mainly associated with Icespots and everyone else, Runningfrost is only in the story
  • Her name is the shipping name of FrostfurxRunningwind (I didn't intend on this) :P