[[Shadow Warrior]]- Tall Shadow is trying her best to keep her Clan safe, but there are dangers lurking behind every rock. Including dangers for her...

[[Darkining Skies]]- Tall Shadow has escaped the old dangers, but she finds a cat that thretans to kill her- and her Clan.

[[Hopeless (Rising Darkness)]]- Tall Shadow dinds herself and her Clan safe, but after that, new dangers come, and things seem hopeless.

Danger Lurking- Tall Shadow finds herself unsafe forever, but now what will she do? There are battles every second, as well as fighting. What will she do now? 

Battles- Tall Shadow still hasn`t stopped the battles, and cats are getting killed. Will she ever be able to stop the battles?


1. [[How The Warrior Code Was Found: Rising Darkness Guide|How The Warrior Code Was Found]]

2. How The Battles Started


[[Shadow Warrior/Spoof]]


[[Shadow Warrior/Songfic]]

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