"Woah, buddy, I'm not even related to you. Besides, I bet Darkpool didn't have these fabulous eyes."

Redfire to Oakthorn in Rogue

Redfire is a striking red tom with blue eyes and a scar down his side.

History Edit

Redpaw is fantasizing about his warrior name after completing his assessment. He runs back to camp with Breezepaw and Runningpaw.

He recieves his new name, Redfire. He is excited until Oakthorn joins his group and scorns Breezefeather's name and snaps at her. He does't believe Ashpoppy when she says that Oakthorn loves them.

He is seen chatting with Rainpaw, who is noted to have a major crush on him. He is coming to the Gathering.

He stands up for Breezefeather when accused of murder, but fails.

Family Edit

Mother: Ashpoppy

Father: Sundusk

Stepfather: Oakstar

Brother: Runningleaf

Sister: Breeze