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Prologue Edit

Ravenpaw looked at Firepaw as they raced across the moor. "I can't do this!" he exclaimed.

"Why not?" asked Firepaw.

"Because I miss the Clan," Ravenpaw lied.

"No, you want to go back because you miss Mistlekit," Graypaw teased.

"Shut up, Graypaw!" was the guarded response. But Ravenpaw truly did love Mistlekit.

"Hey! Break it up!" Firepaw mewed.

"Well, I guess we can go save those kits now," Ravenpaw said. Mistlekit wasn't one of the kits who got captured. Thornkit, Brightkit, Cinderkit, and Brackenkit were. But the one thing Ravenpaw wanted above all was to find who murdered Spottedleaf.

For Firepaw.

Chapter one Edit

After a bit of looking in the dark pine forest they found Yellowfang. "Ravenpaw, come with me," she instructed. "Firepaw and Graypaw, keep watch for us."

"Ok," said Firepaw and Graypaw in unison.

"Bye guys. See you later."

Yellowfang and Ravenpaw started to creep through the undergrowth. "How much longer is it to the ShawdowClan camp?" Ravenpaw asked after a while.

"It's going to be much longer if any Shadowclan cats hear you," Yellowfang snorted.

"Sorry Yellowfang," Ravenpaw apologized.

"Shhh!" Yellowfang hissed.

"But I was just saying sorry!" Ravenpaw protested.

"No," said Yellowfang. "I can hear the kits!"

Chapter two Edit

"Shut, up kits!" said a Shadowclan tom.

"But we want our mama!",Brightkit wailed.

"Clawface.", Yellowfang hissed quietly.

"Now shut up kits while i go get some frogs Brokenstar promised me.", Clawface hissed.

"Ravenpaw, go get Firepaw and Graypaw so they can each carry a kit. They are in the brambles over there."

Ravenpaw quickly went and got Firepaw and Graypaw.

"Guys, we found the kits," Ravenpaw said quietly.

"Really? Where?" asked Graypaw.

"In an abandoned fox den over there. Hurry!" Ravenpaw cried.

"I can smell it. It reeks like crow-food!" Firepaw said once they got there. Yellowfang stank just like the fox den. "StarClan! I wouldve thought you were a fox, Yellowfang!" said Firepaw.

"Roll in the fox den just like I did. It covers your scent," Yellowfang advised, choosing to ignore Firepaw's remark.

"Well duh, it covers your scent!" Graypaw snorted.

"Watch your language, youngster! I have teeth and claws for a reason, you know," Yellowfang hissed. "Lets each grab a kit. I'll take Cinderkit. She's the biggest. Firepaw, you take Brackenkit; Graypaw, Thornkit; and Ravenpaw, you take Brightkit."

A few moments after, they began running back towards ThunderClan with the kits. Clawface was back, this time with Brokenstar.

"Where are the kits?" bellowed Brokenstar.

"I-I-I don't know, Brokenstar! They were here when I went to collect my reward and now they're gone! A fox must have gotten them!" Clawface replied, shaking.

"I can see that," Brokenstar hissed with gritted teeth. "NO FROGS FOR YOU!" he yowled. Ravenpaw didn't hear the rest of the conversation.

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