Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Muscular gray tabby tom with a cream belly. Amber yellow eyes.

y tabby tom with a white belly and some spots in addition to stripes. Amber yellow eyes.

Personality Edit

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Skills Edit

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Life Edit

Kithood & Adolescence Edit

Rainkit had no siblings, but his mate, Suntail, who was Sunkit at the time, shared his ceremony. The two had been close friends ever since they were in the nursery together and it's no surprise they became mates later. Rainpaw was an eager apprentice, mentored by the warrior Falconclaw.

Adulthood Edit

After passing his assessment, Rainpaw was named Rainstorm. He was most skilled at fighting and won many victories for his clan. He was always a clumsy hunter, however.



Pedigree Edit

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Relationships Edit

FamilyEdit Edit

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Love InterestsEdit Edit

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FriendsEdit Edit

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EnemiesEdit Edit

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NotableEdit Edit

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