Leader: Fernstar: small gray she-cat with a darker stripe down her back 

Deputy: Gorseheart: broad brown tabby tom

Medicine cat: Crowsong: skinny, jet black tom with amber eyes

Apprentice: Silverstorm: silver and black tabby she-cat with small green eyes


Cloudshine: pretty white she-cat with a fluffy tail

Stormfall: large, dark gray tom with many scars and large paws

Iceclaw: ashen gray (nearly white) tom with long, fearsome claws

Brindlesong: brown tabby she-cat

Nightbreeze: dusky gray she-cat with dark brown eyes and long claws

Frosthawk: light gray dappled tom with ice-blue eyes

Patchfoot: light brown tabby tom with patches of fur missing from his flank 

Flamestorm: small ginger tom

Oakshade: thickset brown tabby tom

Ravenfeather: sleek black she-cat with bright green eyes


Hazelshine: creamy brown she-cat with large ears and hazel eyes

STATUS: pregnant 

Rainsong: blueish gray she-cat with azure eyes

STATUS: mother of Brightkit, Thistlekit, Flutterkit, and Sunkit


Lightningpaw: long-legged cream tabby tom

Mothpaw: beige tom with golden eyes

Sweetpaw: calico she-cat

Willowpaw: bubbly silver and black tabby she-cat


Tangleclaw: ragged old gray tom


Ginger: ginger tabby she-cat

Bandit: white she-cat with black markings

Lilly: light gray she-cat

Pearl: spoiled, long haired white she-cat

Carrot: fat ginger tom 


Gray: lithe gray tom

Talon: thick furred, broad golden tom

Wren: wiry black tom

Shred: dark gray dappled she-cat