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Fall (Bluestar's death)Edit

White foam

Dark water

Last breath

Stars shine


Wingflight 18:43, August 13, 2016 (UTC)

Gone (Cinderpelt's Death) Edit

I turn around

I see horror

And I try to run

But my ;legs won't carry me

I am frozen in fear

And ita attacks

I try to run

But I fall down

It comes near

And I feel something

Tight on my throat

I put my tail

On my friend

And say 'goodbye'

And the pain ends



A choice he made in desperate times,

A choice to decide his life.

It all seemed so harmless, just training

But soon it would be filled with strife.

She told him he'd be a great leader

Under her watching and "care,"

But really she took all he cared for

Until there was no one there.

First took his mother and father

Then took his brother and mate

Finally she took his daughter

And he couldn't feel naught but hate.

He tried to be a good leader,

Leading his Clan strong and true.

His troubled life ended peacefully

After more struggle than anyone knew.

R.I.P Crookedstar.

Wingflight 22:09, August 13, 2016 (UTC)

Crippled (Cinderpaw's Accident) Edit

I ran, excited,

onto a new thing,

I just wanted to explore,

but little did I know,

it was very dangerous.

Something comes flying towards me,

I try to step back,

but it hits me.

I wake up with a whole bunch of pain,

I try to walk,

but it fails,

I see a cat,

staring at me.

She says I won't be able to walk,

I think it is nonsense,

but with my leg,

she is right.

I try to walk,

but I can't,

I just fall.

R.I.P. My dreams.


Born to the ranks of the higher

Fur like the dark side of fire

Eyes glowing bright

Like embers at night

For what would this kitten aspire?

First he was trained as a warrior

Sister's prey always was furrier

He's second best,

Put up to the test,

And he then stopped being a warrior.

He went away to see med cats

He became one and ate dead rats

Sorting the herbs

And kicking the curbs

He was in with a new place to work at

He received a vision from StarClan

He left on a quest to save the lost Clan

Bringing his friends

To unknown ends

Alderpaw felt important as front man

[Here Wingflight stopped because she was getting increasingly desperate.]

Wingflight 18:35, August 14, 2016 (UTC)

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