Character created by: Clever

Pigeonpaw is a grey tom* with his back fading into a darker colour (Somali), a dark streak down his back, a white chest and paws, and teal eyes, one being noticeably darker than the other.





Kind Somali
Sex Biologically female
Occupation Loner
Eyes Teal, one lighter than the other
Coat Grey, black and white
Voice [Matt Pat]
Owner Cleverpelt


Pigeonpaw is a 14 moon loner who is *biologically female, but always grew up thinking he was a tom, so that's what he identifies as. He has mild PTSD, so he has problems with sleeping, and he is triggered by cliffs, gorges, the sight of young cat dying, falling rocks and pits. He currently lives with an older tom named Raven, who is a dark brown tom with black and beige markings. The other cats who live around him are Purge (Pale ginger she-cat with black paws, Pidgeonpaw's former crush), Bramble (Brown tabby tom), and Luster (Golden and white tom). He is Polysexual.


(0-6 moons)

Pigeonpaw was a grey and black she-cat born to Bubblefoot (Cream Somali cat with flecks) and Wavesplash (Grey and black tom). His she-cat gender never clicked with him, and he just thought he was a tom. He had a brother named Minkkit who he never really knew about, because he died at a young age from being crushed by a rock after venturing out (his first two triggers, the death of young cats and falling rocks).

(6-10 moons)

When Pigeonpaw was a new apprentice, his parents broke up, which left Pigeonpaw depressed and angry. Bubblefoot was with a new mate right away, and Pigeonpaw demanded a conversation with both of them. While this was happening, Bubblefoot tried to get out of it. She ran away, and Pigeonpaw and Wavesplash followed her, but she fell into a gorge and died of fall impact (his last triggers). Four agonizing and depressing moons of Pigeonpaw's life later, filled with nightmares of Bubblefoot's screams and falling into pits (his PTSD), Wavesplash warmed up and got a new mate. Pigeonpaw was appalled at this, even disgusted. When Wavesplash announced that Opalstep (his mate) was pregnant, Pigeonpaw took off, screaming that his family didn't need him.

(10-Current moons)

As he ran away, Pigeonpaw slipped on a bed of mud and wiped out. He was brought back and cared for by a tom named Raven, who had a den in a bush. When he recovered, Raven introduced himself. Pigeonpaw slowly warmed up and came to trust the tom, who he calls his father. He met the other cats around the area, Luster, Purge, and Bramble. Luster was around the same age as Raven, and his daughter, Purge was a little younger than Pigeonpaw. He grew a crush on the she-cat. She was nice, friendly, and sarcastic. It turned into somewhat of an obsession before quickly dialing down. When he got older, the crush faded away, but she still had a special place in his heart. He currently lives happily with Raven.