This Clan is owned by Wolfblaze

01:58, August 20, 2015 (UTC)

Greetings! I am Wolfstar, leader of NightClan. Welcome! Feel free to stay if you wish, what's that? You want a tour? Okay, I will show you the camp.

Leaders denEdit

"We have the leaders den over here, that's where I stay, above it is a rock I stand on to give meetings to all the cats in this Clan, I make kits apprentices on that rock, and give apprentices there warrior names. I even choose my deputy up there. My nest in made with the sofest twigs and leaves and moss. And held up by the strongest sticks and dirt." 

Warriors denEdit

"This is the warriors den over here, that's where the warriors and mentors and senior warriors stay. This is made with soft leaves and moss. In the middle, the nests are the sofest, and it's the warmest. That's where the senior warriors, and the deputy stay."

Elders denEdit

"Over here, you will find the den the elders den. This den is in the warmest part of camp, even warmer then where I stay. In leaf-bare, this is the only warm place you will find. The nests are soft. And made out of the best things for nests. In this den, only the elders stay. After all, they almost never leave camp, so there den should be the softest."

Medicine cat denEdit

"This is the den where the medicine cat stays, sometimes she or he has a an medicine cat apprentice. There our all kinds of nests in here, as you can see. What's that? Why are there so many nests you want to know? For the cats that have been hurt, or are sick, and have to stay here. We are lucky, all the cats in NightClan our healthy, and have not been hurt. But that's not how it is all the time. These nests are soft, for the sick and hurt cats. There are herbs in here, but be careful. And don't eat any at all."

Apprentice's denEdit

"This is the den where the apprentices stay. This is in the colder part of camp. What's that? You want to know why it's in the colder part of camp? These cats are young, but strong. We keep this den in the warmest part we can, but the cats need warmer dens. I would happily give my warm den to the apprentices, and take the colder part of camp, but the first leader of this Clan, who made the dens, did not agree with me. And took the warmer part of camp."

Queens denEdit

"This is the den the queens stay in. They stay here while they are taking care of kits, there is always one queen in the nursery, with the kits. But the rest stay here. It is in a warm part of camp, and the bedding is soft. We think it's the best for the cats who take care of the kits. This is one of the warmest places in all of camp. And I do wish it was a bit warmer. But this seems to be find for now. If our camp ever gets bigger, we might get a warmer place, and they might stay in a warmer place."


"This is where the kits stay. It is warm here. One queen at least is always with the kits. The kits are young, and not that strong yet. We always hope that for leaf-bare it will be warm here. I'm not sure though. There are kits that need our help. We need all the warriors we can get."


"What's that? You want to know the ranks in the Clans? Very well."


"The leader rules the Clan, he or she has nine lives from StarClan, many say we have the best job. We get to give apprentices there names, and kits there names. All are names end with star, I was Wolfblaze, before I was Wolfstar. If you ever join this Clan, if you become leader, your name will end with star as well. He choose what the Clans do. And we work to help them. We sleep in the leaders den."


"The deputy is one rank below the leader, the cat that will someday become leader. To be the deputy, you must have trained at least one apprentice. They sleep in the warriors den, close to the middle, where it's a little bit warmer. The deputy makes patrols for the Clan."

Medicine catEdit

"The medicine cat has herbs and stuff to heal the sick and hurt cats. The medicine cats name almost never ends with claw, as they don't fight. Medicine cats are not allowed to have a mate or kits, and they only train one apprentice. They sleep in the medicine cat's den."


"The mentor is the cat that trains apprentices. They are warriors before they are mentors, and when they stop training apprentices. They sleep in the warriors den. They, only when there mentors, sleep a little bit closer to the middle, it is slightly warmer there."


"Elders are the old warriors, they have retired. Other cats can hunt for them, apprentices bring them food. They leave camp sometimes, there allowed to leave whenever they want, but they stay where they are most of the time. Most of the time they keep there old name, unless they retired since they had a wound that could be healed, they might change there name to so using having to do with the wound. They sleep in the elders den. One of the warmest parts of camp."


"These are the cats that are going to have kits, or are taking care of kits. They are warriors after that, and before. They have there same warrior names. They sleep in the queen's den. Or sometimes In the nursery with the kits."

Senior warriorsEdit

"These are the older warriors, not elder yet, but they have been warrior for a long time. Senior warriors, sleep in the warrior's den, in the middle. The warmest part of the den."


"These are the cats who fight and hunt for our Clan, remember we could not have a Clan without them. These cats are twelve moons and older. They have names that they keep, the warriors do much for our Clan, and are sometime a little bit overlooked, since our Clans had many. Each warrior helps our Clan, if you join us, you will be a warrior someday. These are noble and loyal cats. We are lucky to have many of them in our Clans. They stay in the warrior's den, most of the time on the outskirts, where it is slightly colder."

Medicine cat apprentice.Edit

Most of the time, this cat is six to twelve moons old, or was a warrior, but them became an apprentice, if they were always a medicine cat apprentice, or became one before they became a warrior, there names and with paw, they train to be a medicine cat, and sleep in the medicine cat's den with the medicine cat. There is most of the time only one of these."


"These are the cats are apprentices, training to be warriors. They are trained by there mentors, until they get there warrior name, there name ends with paw. These cats are most of the time six to twelve moons old, unless they got hurt or in trouble and had to be apprentices later, or were loners, like you or are rouges, kittypets, or joined from another Clan. If you join us, you will start out as a apprentice. They sleep in the apprentice's den."


"These are mostly the cats under six moons old. Sometimes they get hurt or sick, or in trouble, and our kits for longer. There names end with kit before they become apprentices. They are overlooked, since they are young. But that's not fair. They bring more to our Clan then one would think. We could not be a Clan with out them. They sleep in nursery, the warmest part of camp."


"So, what do you say? Would you like to join NightClan? What's that? You would like to join our Clan? Very well, but you still have a lot to learn, I will train you myself, your new name is Foxpaw."

Allegiances Edit

Leader: Wolfstar-calico wih gray streak and brow eyes. Apprentice Foxpaw

Deputy: Ashfeather-pale gray she-cat with darker flecks and pale blue eyes

Medicine cat: Shadowtail-Black she-cat with blue eyes Apprentice Lilypaw

Warriors: Silverheart-Silvery-grey she-cat Nettlestream-silver tabby tom

Medicine cat apprentice: Lilypaw-Small white she cats with white pelt and gray one front right gray paw

Elders: (Open)

Queens: (Open)

Kits: (Open)

Senior warriors: (open) Glitchclaw-large grey tabby whose stripes were dyed teal by twolegs, one ripped ear & scar on eye

Apprentices: Foxpaw-brown and white cst, was once a lunar. (And maybe others at some point)

Mentors: (Open) Wolfstar-See is leader-Mentor of Foxpaw-see in Apprentices.  Shadowtail-See is medicine cat-mentor of Lilypaw-See in Medicine cat apprentice-

Once more unto the breach dear friends

16:40, August 19, 2015 (UTC)

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