Sex Female
Occupation Loner
Eyes Light Blue, and light green
Coat Black with white paws
Owner User:.Kitsune

Midnight is a black and white she-cat who refuses to be part of a clan or become a kittypet. She has heterochromia, which means she has one green eye and one light blue eye. She was born nearly blind in her right eye.


Midnight is a small black she-cat with odd-coloured eyes. Her left eye is green, while her right eye is blue. (Because it is blind) Midnight also has very light grey markings, being on her paws, right ear, tip of her tail and her muzzle.


Midnight is usually very quiet and tends to stay away from other cats. However, she has been known to be belligerent towards others, and does not take nonsense. She tries her best to avoid trouble. Midnight enjoys her freedom as a loner and has chosen to stay away from other clans to keep herself from being tied down.

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