Leader: Pinestar: dark gray she-cat with green eyes

Deputy: Finchtail: yellow tom with golden eyes and a long tail

Medicine cat: Molenose: dusky brown tom with a silver muzzle and yellow eyes

Apprentice: Paleberry


Quickstorm: pale gray tom with short legs and blue eyes

Scorchclaw: dark ginger tom

Apprentice: Stormpaw

Gorseheart: light brown tabby tom

Hollybreeze: silver speckled she-cat

Apprentice: Ashpaw

Graymouse: small gray tom with a darker tail

Apprentice: Sunpaw

Ravenshade: sleek black she-cat

Cloudpetal: light gray she-cat with thick, fluffy fur and blue eyes

Apprentice: Heatherpaw

Lionwhisker: golden tabby tom

Oakthorn: brown tabby tom with yellow eyes

Apprentice: Larchpaw

Briartuft: calico she-cat with patchy fur


Paleberry: cream she-cat

Stormpaw: gray tabby tom

Sunpaw: ginger tom with golden eyes

Ashpaw: smokey gray she-cat with blue eyes

Heatherpaw: dark gray she-cat with blue tints and milky blue eyes

Larchpaw: gray tom with darker speckles, dark blue eyes


Swiftsong: black and white she-cat (nursing Lionwhisker's kits: Icekit, Nettlekit, and Cherrykit)

Applefern: light ginger tabby she-cat with pale green eyes (nursing Graymouse's kits: Rabbitkit and Sandkit )


Swiftcloud: silver tabby and white she-cat

more coming soon

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