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These are the allegiances for Livid Storms.


L E A D E R - Blizzardstar - muscular, small brown tom

D E P U T Y - Foxstep - large, dark brown tabby tom

M E D I C I N E C A T - Honeyleaf - light brown tabby she cat with blue eyes

W A R R I O R S (toms and she cat without kits)

Storm - fluffy, gray tabby she cat with a white underbelly

Rosefur - pinkish-cream she cat with amber eyes

Antleaf - small dark gray tom

Apprentice, Shadowpaw

S E N I O R W A R R I O R S (older toms and she cats without kits)

Blackstripe - massive white tom with brown and black stripes

Apprentice, Acornpaw

Mouseheart - silver tabby she cat

Apprentice, Leafpaw

Minnow - silver tabby she cat

A P P R E N T I C E S (cats in training to become warriors)

Leafpaw - tabby tom

Acornpaw - black tom

Shadowpaw - black she cat with white spots on her face and front legs

E L D E R S (retired queens and warriors)

Sky - frail gray tom


  • Sky isn't mentioned in the whole series.
  • Shadowpaw will die in the second book.
  • Leafpaw and Acornpaw become warriors.
  • Storm becomes pregnant.
  • Honeyleaf receives one of Storm's kits as an apprentice.
  • Blizzardstar dies from greencough and Foxstep takes his place.

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