(Owned by Patchfeather)



Sandystar - sandy brown tabby tom with amber eyes and a nicked ear. (RP'd by Patch. 6/9)

Medicine Cat

Sageleaf - white she-cat with a black paw and amber-yellow eyes. (RP'd by Wingflight)


Smallsky - small mottled gray she-cat with green eyes. (RP'd by Patch)


Frostshine - white she-cat. (RP'd by Patch)

Sharptalon - black tom. (RP'd by Patch)

Kestrelclaw - brown tabby tom with yellow eyes. (RP'd by Patch)

Talonfang - tall gray speckled she-cat with pale green eyes. (RP'd by Patch)

Creekfrost - short-furred black tom with blue eyes and a scarred belly. (RP'd by Patch)

Wispheart - ginger and white tabby she-cat with gold eyes. (RP'd by Patch)

Hawkflight - brown-russet she-cat with yellow eyes and a darker spot over one eye. (RP'd by Wingflight)


Stormpaw - small blue gray tabby she-cat wiht green eyes. (RP'd by Stormpaw)






Rainstorm - dark gray tabby tom with yellow eyes. (RP'd by Wingflight)


The entrance to the LightingClan camp is a thorn tunnel, lined with brambles in case a large animal or Twoleg tries to get in.

Elders DenEdit

The Elders den is a hollowed out holly Bush with a dusty sand floor. The Elders use moss and feathers to make their nests, and they especially love it when Apprentices bring stones and pebbles.

Apprentice DenEdit

The Apprentice den is a hollow in a fallen oak tree. StarClan tells us this place was meant to be our home because the tree guarded our sight of the Place of No Stars. The Apprentices make their nests out of moss and tree bark, which makes it squishy and soft to the touch. The inside is lined with feathers. 

Medicine DenEdit

The Medicine den is in the crevice of two boulders that collided during the thunderstorm that drove The Loners out of their territory. The boulders have been carved on the inside from an ancient stream that dried up many years ago. The Medicine is kept up in cracks and the Medicine cats make their nests out of bracken and pebbles.

Leader DenEdit

The Leaders den is under the shade and protection of reinforced Palm fronds and tied together with bramble tendrils. The floor is Sandy and lichen covers the entrance. 

Warriors DenEdit

The Warriors den is also a hollowed out holly bush lined with feathers to insulate during the coldest and hottest of days. The warrior nests are ranging from moss to feathers to bracken to ivy. They add pebbles and other small features.


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