Light and Darkness Edit

Prologue Edit

A dead weed blew across the sandy ground. Spiky green plants covered the ground. The sun was shining brightly on the piece of land.

A slim, ginger and white tabby she-cat was curled up in a ball, alone. She was squirming around on the hot sand. Her pelt was drenched.

Then, she heaved herself up. As soon as she realized how hot the sand was, she jumped up in surprise.

"Ouch! Where am I?" she mewed aloud.

The she-cat glanced at a small patch of dead weeds and hurried over to them to rest her paws.

She sighed in relief when her paws landed on a hot, but not burning hot patch of weeds.

Where am I? Why am I so wet? Where's Aspen, Crow, and Boulder?

Then she stiffened when she felt a shadow swoop over her.

Without looking back she ran for dear life, hoping to find some sort of shelter.

Finally, she stopped, knowing it was hopeless to find shade in this dry area. Then, she stared at a green prickly plant.

"It wouldn't hurt just to touch it, would it?" she mewed as she rose her paw and dabbed at the plant. She withdrew her paw and glanced at the plant.

"What are you doing by a cactus?" a voice asked from behind the she-cat.

The ginger and white tabby she-cat spun around and stared at the tabby brown tom in front of her.

The tom stared back.

"Well, come on! Do you want shelter or not? Also some water by where the gang lives." the tom beckoned her with his tail. Without looking back, he walked away.

The she-cat licked her lips.

I really am thirsty. I guess it wouldn't hurt to just look...

More coming soon...


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