== The Blurb ==

''Emmetclaw, by far the weakest cat in all the Clans, has finally made his destiny: to be a leader. But things go terribly wrong and his cats want to get rid of him for renaming his Clan. What will he do?''

== Books ==

One: Emmetstar's Leadership: Emmetstar has finally become leader, but his Clan is attempting to destroy him. 

Two: Emmetstar's Revenge: Emmetstar takes revenge, duh. 

Three: Emmetstar's Dumbness: Emmetstar is dumb, duh.

Four: Emmetstar's Back: Emmetstar's back, duh. 

Five: Emmetstar's Fight: Emmetstar fights, duh. 

Six: Emmetstar's Gone: Emmetstar's Gone, duh. 

== Fans ==

Of course, the creator: {{Hollytuft/Sig}}

[[Thunderflame Is Lurking...]]

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