IvyPool is a fuck up cat yo


Ivyleaf started her life as a rogue in the Twolegplace. She had two litter mates, Red and Pond. Ivyleaf's name was only Ivy then. Her parents were named Storm and Dusk. Her father, Dusk, died when she was only one moon old. And Storm, got killed when a fox attacked their den not soon after. Ivy, Pond, and Red where left all alone in the Twolegplace. They soon ventured, past the Twolegplace, into the woods beyond. They met two cats. They introduced themselves as Smoke and Coriander. They said they were from the Horseplace. Ivy and her littermates had no idea what Smoke and Coriander meant, but they asked for a place were they could live. Smoke, after a moments hesitation, told them of a place where four Clans lived, around a lake. Smoke said he would accompany them there, because it would be a hard journey for three kits barely two moons old. Once they got there, Smoke got frightened. He told them to seek out any of the Clans. But before he left, he told them a bit about the four Clans, so they could choose wisely. ShadowClan lived in the pine trees, and they were cunning. WindClan preferred the open moor. They hunted rabbits and enjoyed the wind in their face. RiverClan enjoyed swimming, so they lived near the a stream and ate the fish from the lake. And finally, ThunderClan. They lived in the forest, under the trees, and were good at stalking through the undergrowth without making a sound. And with that Smoky left. The kits, who had listened carefully, had each decided the Clan they wanted to go to. Red wanted to ThuderClan, Pond wanted to go to RiverClan, and Ivy wanted to go to ShadowClan. So they all said their goodbyes, and headed on their way. Once Ivy reached ShadowClan territory, she waited until cats came. They quickly accepted her in, and she got suckled with Icestorm's litter. Ivy became Ivykit. The moons flew by, and she became an apprentice. She trained hard and finally earned her warrior name, Ivyleaf. She fought many battles for the Clan, and she is currently Clan deputy.

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