"Iceclaw was always feisty, got it from his mother. When he found out who his father was, it made things worse. He's tried too hard to prove his loyalty through trying too hard to be the best warrior, and he still hasn't realized that his zeal has spilled into violence."

Crowsong to Gingerheart about Iceclaw in Poison

Iceclaw is an ashen gray, nearly white tom with patches of fur missing, ice blue eyes, and long, ferocious claws.


He is one of the first cats to protest letting Ginger stay in the Clan. He is often close beside Ravenfeather, whispering. He is arrogant and battle hungry when the mention of the rogue battle is brought up. When Crowsong speaks to him and Silverstorm about being a terrible father, he is uncharacteristically sympathetic. He often argues with his sister, and fights with immense courage and skill in the rogue battle. In the end, he asks Ravenfeather to be his mate, and she says yes.


Mate: Ravenfeather

Father: Crowsong

Sister: Silverstorm