"Don't you dare..."

Please do not edit Honeyleaf, or else, meaning I will bite you. And you won't be happy.

Honeyleaf is a light brown tabby she cat with pale, round, clear, sky-blue eyes, a black nose, and a white tail-tip. Her eyes are ringed with black and she is slightly blind in her right eye. 



Kind American Shorthair
Sex Female
Occupation Medicine Cat
Eyes Pale sky-blue
Coat Light brown tabby
Voice Jessica Alba


Honeyleaf is a workaholic. Even if a cat comes to her with an emergency, she can multitask, cleaning and dressing a wound as well as sorting herbs. She is bubbly and sweet when she doesn't need to do med work, but in the morning, she is grumpy and mean. She has a shy, awkward side, but that is only when an attractive cat is in the room.


Livid StormsEdit


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