"No one hurts my kits!"

Hazelshine to Gray in Poison

Hazelshine is a creamy brown tabby she-cat with hazel eyes and large ears.


Hazelshine is a pregnant queen. When Fernstar is showing Ginger the nursery, she is bubbly and kind. She often shares tongues with Rainsong. Her kitting comes in the middle of the night, which wakes Gingerheart. She is worried that one kit will not live, but it survives. She and her mate, Stormfall, name them Morningkit, Cinderkit, and Redkit. She is reluctant to battle because her kits were apprenticed half a moon before the battle. When Gray attacks Cinderpaw, she jumps on him and claws him violently.  


Mate: Stormfall

Daughters: Morningpaw, Cinderpaw

Son: Redpaw