Hawkflight has been graded bronze.

Hawkflight is a russet-brown she-cat with yellow eyes.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Hawkflight is a long-furred, russet-brown she-cat. Her eyes are yellow tinted with orange. Her right eye has a dark brown spot over it. She has a lithe, slim build good for stepping lightly and leaping to catch birds. She is very agile.

Personality Edit

Hawkflight has a feisty, fiery nature and is sometimes disagreeable. She prefers hunting over fighting and loves listening to the sounds of the forest before the Clan is awake. She is quick—perhaps too quick—to defend what she believes is right.

History Edit

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Pedigree Edit

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Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Mother: A passing rogue named Russ. Hawkpaw never even met her mother so she isn't sure what to make of her, but rumours have been spread that Russ had a fiery temper and quick wit. Hawkpaw was group-raised by the nursing queens and her father, Gorsethorn.
Father: A LightningClan tom, Gorsethorn. He and Hawkpaw were very close but he's given her some space since she's become an apprentice. Their bond is very strong.

Love Interests Edit

Creekfrost. Hawkflight feels protective towards him, and unlike most cats, values him as a person and sees him as her equal. She has never shown pity towards him becuase of his unsure personality and scarred belly, but isn't harsh. She knows he can fend for himself and only defends him where necessary.
Hawkflight sees through his insecure outside to the kind, compassionate cat within. She loves Creekfrost for that and hopes to one day, be his mate and possibly even bear his kits.

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Enemies Edit

Possibly Talonfang. Hawkflight was always indignant at Talonfang's abusion of her brother and got upset over how often they fought. And things got more tense between the two she-cats when cats began getting killed.

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|<Get away from my badger.>

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