"Silly, silly me. How stupid I am. Ginger, let me introduce you to my friends, if that's what you'd call them."

-Gray to Ginger in Poison

Gray is a thin, sleek, grayish cat (possibly Russian Blue) and has large, ripped ears, multiple scars, and long legs.


Gray is first seen when Ginger notices him multiple times around Twolegplace. Later, they formally meet, and he tells her that he is traveling and hopes she will come with him. Ginger agrees, and when they pass the gorge, he shoves SkyClan aside because they are cats with "their heads in the clouds." He attempts to kill Ginger as a sacrifice to his group, but fails. He is seen multiple times near SkyClan territory by Ginger. Gray leads an attack on SkyClan months later, where Ginger, now Gingerheart, kills him.

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