"Are you sure, Fernstar? Allowing a kittypet to stay in the Clan? Think cafefully."

Gorseheart when Fernstar allows Ginger to stay in SkyClan in ​Poison

Gorseheart is a thick-furred brown tabby tom with a wide face and broad shoulders.

History Edit

He is next to Fernstar when Ginger  comes up after waking up. He opposes to let her in the Clan, but agrees with Fernstar's promise that she will be helpful. He is polite and intelligent, and shows many signs of liking Fernstar and being protective of her. Gingerheart overhears Rainsong speaking of how Fernstar may have to step down from leadership for awhile if she has his kits. He fights with hardly any mercy, mainly because of Talon, who abandoned the Clan and Fernstar. Afterwards, he is relieved that Fernstar was not hurt.