Gone Edit


The claw-moon glittered in the cloudless sky. The stars shimmered and the lake rippled. There was a kit crying to the sky, and her voice echoed throughout the lands and beyond.

The kit was fragile, and it looked very young. It was crying for it's mother, for her mother had left to hunt for the both of them.

Then, a gray she-cat appeared out of the forest. The kit ran up to the she-cat with a squirrel hanging in her jaws.

"Mommy! I thought you left me!" the kit wailed.

"Oh my dear, I will always be with you no matter what happens." soothed the she-cat.

The kit sniffed. "Promise?"

"Promise." the kits' mother assured her. She ripped the squirrel in half with her teeth. She pushed half to her kit. "Eat, my dear." she said.

After the kit ate the squirrel, she lay down in the grass, and everything faded into darkness, and everything was well, just simply, gone.

Chapter 1: Your Father Edit

"Mommy, who was my father?" the kit asked. The kits' mother sighed. "What made you think of that question Lake?" she asked. "Well, you've never ever told me anything about my father, so. . ." Lake began. The kits' mother flicked her tail for silence. "Hush dear one. This story is not for you to learn, not now, not ever." she mewed. "But Primrose!" Lake protested. Primrose's gentle emerald eyes suddenly looked furious. "No! I will hear no more of this nonsense. Leave!" she snarled, lips curled. Lake sprang back, surprised at her mother's harsh words. "Didn't you hear me? I said leave!" she hissed. Lake dashed away, hot tears streaming down her eyes.

More coming soon. . . .