"Flutterkit! No! Not my baby!"

Rainsong at the death of Flutterkit in ​Poison

Flutterkit is a small, thin, pale ginger tabby she-cat.


Fernstar shows her the nursery, where Flutterkit and her siblings sleep. Rainsong tells Ginger their names before she leaves. At Ginger's warrior ceremony, Flutterkit stumbles behind her siblings in attempt to watch. Later, Willowsplash remarks that Flutterkit looks sickly. Soon after, Flutterkit gets extremely sick with greencough. Silverstorm panicks when she realizes she is low on supplies, and eventually lets StarClan decide the kit's fate. When Rainsong is hunting and Flutterkit is in the medicine cat's den, Silverstorm hollers out to the Clan that Flutterkit is gasping for air and not going to live by the time her mother returns. Flamestorm fetches Rainsong's patrol, they come back, but barely in time before Flutterkit dies in the paws of her mother. She is buried by Rainsong and her father Oakshade, both crestfallen. Her name is brought up during Thistlepaw, Brightpaw, and Sunpaw's apprentice ceremony by Fernstar, who solemnly mentions that Flutterkit would be honored forever.


Mother: Rainsong

Father: Oakshade

Sisters: Thistlepaw, Brightpaw

Brother: Sunpaw