Flowerpetal is a sleek, slender, yellow spotted tabby she-cat with sharp green eyes

Kind Unknown
Sex Female
Occupation Warrior
Eyes Green
Coat Yellow spotted tabby
Owner ~Patchfeather~

History Edit

The Four Edit

Flowerkit along with her brother Mousekit, are born to Copperwhisker and Sunspots.

She is first seen when the tornado hits, fallowing her mother into the tunnel.

She isn't seen again until a full warrior. She is a friend of Whiteflower and is often seen with her kits. She also builds a nest for the new queen.

When IceClan attacks, Flowerpetal is eager to fight.

Later, when Whiteflower is in the Dark Forest, she yowls that someone was betraying them, pointing to Whiteflower. She and Whiteflower fight to the death, Flowerpetal kills Whiteflower easily, still weak from kitting.

Family Edit


Copperwhisker: Status Unknown


Sunspots: Status Unknown


Mouseclaw: Living (As of The Four)

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