Kind Unknown
Sex Tom
Occupation Medicine Cat
Eyes Dark Green
Other He's from FireClan
Coat Brown and white tabby
Owner Charybdis33213

Bio Edit

Fallenheart is a green-eyed, brown-and-white tabby with a peaceful demeanor. He is very wise and excels at solving problems. Fallenheart is the medicine cat of FireClan*.

*FireClan is a Warrior Cars Clan RP on Animal Jam.

Fallenheart's Omen Edit

Fallenheart's Omen is the novella story of Fallenheart, written by Charybdis33213. Its basic plot is that Fallenheart sees an omen of a falling star. Fallenheart's leader, Rosestar, is attacked by a mysterious cat and dies. The same cat also killed the deputy, Lightningflame. As Rosestar lies dying, she names Fallenheart her successor. Fallenheart finally interprets his vision-- the falling star meant "Fallenstar."

Allegiance Edit


Cause of Death Edit

Old Age

Post-Death Edit

Residence: StarClan

Family Edit

Mother: Sparrowsong

Father: Stagheart

Siblings: Featherkit (She-cat, deceased), Robinwing (She-cat)

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