1. Twistedfoot was supposed to be a bigger character than she actually was 
  2. Featherpaw takes way more after her mum than her dad  
  3. Sagepaw was in fact training with Ashpoppy in the Dark Forest
  4. Snowpaw had actually been tempted into the Dark Forest, but declined. This was part of the reason Sagepaw killed her. 
  5. Oakstar and Twisedfoot both knew they were siblings, but never talked at Gatherings. They only ran into each other on a few separate occasions.  
  6. Owlpaw later became Owlstar (the second Owlstar) and was the one to decline Featherstar's preposition to add to the Warrior Code. They despised each other after they stopped meeting.
  7. Pebblefur and Feathershine became mates. Eventually she became leader and he her deputy. When he died, Featherstar picked an inexperienced warrior to become deputy. Also known as, this was based off the the story in Code of the Clans.
  8. Featherstar was actually not the best leader. She had a good heart but sometimes made stupid decisions. 
  9. Goldenheart was going to die in the middle of the book, however, I couldn't find a time to kill her and wanted her to be made deputy anyway.
  10. Cherrydapple didn't take a liking to Featherpaw because of the incident between her mate Stormstripe and Breeze. 
  11. I wish Rosegaze had had a bigger role. I like to think she's ace, but never had the chance to represent it.
  12. Oakstar, Twistedfoot, Swiftcloud, and Darkpool reconciled in StarClan.
  13. Twistedfoot and Ashpoppy were close age-wise and friendly at Gatherings. After the "accident," Ashpoppy was the one to suggest training in the Dark Forest, as she did it and enjoyed it
  14. Goosewing and Sedgewing (who was in Rogue) are the same character, but have different appearances and personalities. This has since been fixed, and Sedgewing no longer exists.  
  15. Pik had a mate after he left Poppynose. Her name was Molly. Dappleshade found out about this and later broke the news gently to Pebblefur, his last living kit. Pebblefur understood, and Dappleshade later became like a mother to him at Gatherings. 
  16. Chip has an Irish accent, Shimmer has an English accent. Which is weird; their parents have more of an American accent, like most of the other cats.

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